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Raffle Yamaha FZ1 gets stripped!

In this one I go through and start taking the FZ1 apart… from all the bad damaged parts to the stuff that we are just changing out. This gets us one step closer to actually opening up the engine and making the changes needed to start mounting the TTS Supercharger Kit. Come along for the ride and enjoy.

Hey there guys and welcome back to the meadow gumption youtube channel in this one i’m gonna cut straight to it we’re taking apart the bike anything and everything that he’s changed out is going and hopefully i get it all today i am limited on time but i will do my best if not i’ll have another one out here a few days i will be trying to get to a week out for you

Guys so we get this project moving it on to the next but let’s just cut right to it guys alright guys so before i actually start on the project again and just start disassembling i just want to say thank you for the support we almost have a hundred subscribers which actually grown pretty quick and there’s my fourth video which is nice i see the like buttons are

Working you guys are helping with the comments if you like what you guys see there will be more performance and racing and stuff going on i just gotta get these builds going so if you like what you see please subscribe like and you know do all that fun action do as you please but let’s go ahead and get right to the action alright we’re gonna put this bike on the

Center stand so it doesn’t fall over when i’m pushing on it we’re gonna remove this lonely mirror the one that survived the wreck and we’re gonna go ahead and get on this left radiator guard only two bolts and that thing comes right off it’s pretty nice if you look i got lucky area have block off plates on the head alright that’s nice and we’re going to start on

The tank guard it’s actually five bolts but there’s only the four in place right now so there’s the fourth one right there and magic heads off i’m gonna go ahead and start the bike one last time before disassembly to make sure everything’s kosher with it everything’s running clutch is engaged yeah looks good all right go and turn it off work on this tank there’s

Two breather lines from the tank for ventilation there’s one fuel line as it’s not a return system and there is two connectors going to the fuel pump itself the fuel line is actually pretty snug but it’s nothing you can’t get i have a rag handy for catching of the gas that comes out not a lot happens not a lot drips out of there it’s self sealing actually next is

The connectors and there’s just unrouted the breather line after that just removing the pivot bolt and the tanks off all right removing the battery that way nothing wants to short out for me taking everything apart popping these little plastic retainers this tail system is actually pretty pretty well fastened to the frame a lot more bolts and i originally remember

For my first time doing this my best to cut out all the all the extra film we don’t need to see that it’s almost ready to come off and then i remember that it’s actually connected to the frame in more ways than one alright so we got to remove the this bottom panel here i just have some plastic retainers body retainers and also remove the bracket for the license

Plate pop pop pop just like that’s magic one more piece to the pile this is when i discovered that i messed up and forgot about all the other bolts we’re actually just going to move the tailpiece and leave the frame that is connected to on the bike as i can just drop on the new tilt piece without having to take that off reverse order right here and there

It is another piece of the pile alright gonna go ahead and start draining the coolant little dribbles got to go ahead and undo the radiator cap to help it depressurize number the right guard and there it is the coolant and this is actually pretty clean no corrosion or build-up or gunk in the system which is really nice knows the engine is pretty healthy and clean

In there removing some of the radiator hoses that are fastened to it radiator system here is actually pretty simple to take off i don’t know if everybody smelled embalming fluid but to me that’s exactly what coin smells like high school days when we got to go see a cadaver all right just a few more hoses and this thing can come off – one bolt that’s needed

Oh yeah kind of forgot about the fans those are connected to so got a fun route the wiring in there which is actually pretty cramped i managed to get it with some hassle and of course the right fan which is a lot easier thank god back to the left side now can get that bolt i was talking about drain the rest of it another piece to the pile not too bad-looking

So far made some good progress already what would be touching those getting those passenger pegs off in the fender as well now to the front fender it’s really only three bolts per side one of them requires a wrench in the back because it has a nut again three volts all right exhaust system not too hard has one spring and then it has one bolt that’s holding it

In the back slip bones are pretty easy to take on and put on take off and put on slips off all right now to the main exhaust system one bolt on the left side and right side which i’ve already taken off i’ll also have to be taken off the are undoing the o2 sensor next we’ll actually get the bolts fastening it to the head i like to break them loose before using the

Drill i really mean the best on impact sooner or later i’ll get that here you can see some of the actual the gaskets pop out – copper gasket to help seal up the the exhaust ports one per cylinder really all right there’s the other two now as you can see we’re gonna go ahead and get these passenger pigs off as well and that tail fender two bolts per passenger

Peg and the defender actually has three but pretty simple all in all and we’re almost done actually this times three and a half really makes everything look easy it is easy just keeping track of binding tools is the hard part in my garage anyways with kids and through just like that about to come back to real-time hey there guys and welcome back to real-time no

More that fast-forward stuff if you guys like what you guys are seeing and you guys want to see more hit that subscribe button give it a thumbs up you know like that sucker and share with your friends alright help this channel grow and help the project and help the process all that kind of stuff helps the youtube algorithm and helps me get further out there for

Everybody to see you know so doot you guys can if you guys want to you thank you but as you guys can see we’ve got a lot done today i did take a little bit of intermission to go do some family stuff so it is kind of late but i came back in start working on it and let’s see what we got going on here so it is kind of bare but not as bare as it could be we can get

A little more work done and we will the next one i’m gonna be getting the the headlight kit off the air box that the throttle body system and then start working on the head i might actually be taking the chain off on this so i can give it the indian for a little bit get a little more clearance if i can just take the head off only and not actually take the whole

Engine off this time that’d be great i will be addressing the frame on the next one as well seeing how thick this is doing some sand work here and we’ll be working on getting this one bolt i got ground down so actually remove that and start on this hopefully i get my clutch cover in so we can also pop that on and make sure that’s actually i might just be leaving

That until we actually need to remove it but this is war at guys so i will be kicking out another video in the next two to three days i am not letting this thing roll over a whole nother week i want to get this project going i want to get you guys the entertainment that you guys want hopefully this helps me grow the channel and if you guys like what you see you

Know what to do see you guys on the next one player

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