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Sand Dunes in Las Vegas on a Yamaha TW200

That time I rode out to the Nellis Dunes

This time on double d out at the nellis dunes again stay tuned for this video cool we made it i had to take the interstate which is terrible on a t-dub but we made it i was out here yesterday this is where i lost most of my footage but uh yeah it’s fun out here there we go here’s a hill okay i love it oh we’re cutting out to the right we’re cutting that way for

Sure god this is fun man yes dude i love this i actually never rode this yesterday i’m glad i came back today i was going to take like a month very long trip out out east kind of i wanted to head closer to the grand canyon that only took hours to get out there but it’s sunday i’m glad i just came back here just kind of want to chill today and have fun here oh

Yeah dude it’s so fun it’s so fun i love it big t playground yeah yesterday i was like right here flying the drone just kind of chilling there’s a lot of people here yesterday uh this is more fun than sitting in a casino all day man this is where the fun’s at is out here i’m just going to keep it in this gear there we go dude it’s so much fun all right

This is where i was yesterday and it’s dunes oh it’s so fun out here man i love it i’m so excited for this oh here we go here we go oh my god i love it dude yes oh yeah there we go that’s got to stay out of the notches like that right there i don’t want to go on that yeah dude there is a jump yo let’s do another pass stay on that notch there give to td

Up everything that’s got here’s a notch kind of sort of ah go over this one yeah dude there’s a big notch right here don’t want to hit that full speed was gonna like watch yourself out here too you kind of always have to be slightly defensive like always looking around because there’s a lot of idiots out here including myself cut over foreign yeah dude if

Someone’s running octane out here i can smell it it smells so good yeah what’s going on here i thought they were blasted in the home depot feeding for a second i was like hell yeah they saw me go down i’m back in the game let’s go catch up cut over let’s cut over a second time no there’s a notch okay we’re good we’re good go over a third time i think i’m getting

Ahead of you getting used to these dunes man this is fine all right i’m gonna hit that jump again i got air on that okay i’m gonna do one more pass to the dunes and i should probably be should probably get head back in yeah yeah let’s follow these guys i’m just hurting some herding some beer drinkers right here oh my gosh straggler let’s go get him oh they’re

Going in oh there’s a notch let’s cross over oh hey ain’t going i’m gonna go get em echo game that’s right you go home now dude i’m having way too much fun out here okay we got back to las vegas boulevard now let’s go back into town all right heading home this past gold and silver pawn shop unfortunately my gopro is giving me issues but uh yeah heading back to

My hotel all right just about to my turn took me about an hour to get here with traffic got the bellagio show going on it’s pretty cool hell yeah look at that that’s cool all right thank you for watching this video and if you enjoyed it let me know down in the comment section and if you’re a first time viewer please consider hitting that subscribe button you all have a good one now

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Sand Dunes in Las Vegas on a Yamaha TW200 By Dual Dorks