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SFO Yamaha FJR Motorcycle Rally | Halloween in Jemison AL

Yamaha FJR Motorcycle Rally with some SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY and a super fun-filled Motorcycle event known to the FJR Motorcycle gang as simply “SFO”. It stands for Southern FJR Owners and this group has plenty of shenanigans throughout the video, and yes, nobody went thirsty or hungry!.

Hi everyone we’re here in jemison alabama we’re the suffolk rally yes our good friends dan and church welcome us into their home they’re a big party it’s cold this year and we’re looking forward to it uh but unfortunately there’s not gonna be riding i don’t think because it’s like raining every day cats and dogs so hey we’re gonna make the best of it we’re

Gonna show you what’s going on he’s crazy oh sfo is always held on halloween time and it’s beautiful down in alabama yes the wall is beautiful jana does a great job decorating as you can see here it is an fgr uh event fgr by yamaha motorcycles which we’re a member of that group as long as as well as the bmw crew correct yes and as you can see a lot

Of people camp they sleep outside there’s also a hotel uh about 10 miles down the road that uh probably more than half actually someone’s sleeping at their well it’s not really their house it’s their camp house right this is their camping yeah so some people do sleep inside their shoes inside the pole barn area and also there’s some beds and some bedrooms

Well debbie by the screen yeah very funny catching up with some old friends there and a new friend yeah i see michael there he was uh we i actually have a video of him too when he came up to us is the guy that boils the shrimp i think his name should be we are in uh university of auburn territory oh yeah a lot of fans and you can see a lot of decoration

Around the pole barn of u of a and then oh there’s jana the hostess with the mostest and michael on the table yeah they’re constantly doing work there’s bubs bob’s the shrimp guy right there so he’s he’s the guy that’s gonna coil up all that shrimp right there you know so basically we uh just sit around shoot debris for a while and catch up on everybody’s

Stories which is good people yep there’s wanda wanda her husband michael mike’s they’re from kentucky and then jay willy on the farm he’s known jay willis real name’s jason and we didn’t get to talk to him that much so that’s kind of sometimes i get to talk to everybody and there’s oh there’s bob yep there’s bob fyb home for you can’t believe your wife by

The way we met this new couple and kj and i always try to welcome the new new people in debbie’s waving at me yeah they’re really good hi tyler we love her she’s awesome she’s she’s huge um what you used in the fifth we were to make your head it’s not you porn it’s youtube chuck and his uh girlfriend at the time mona walked in on us in a motel room at eom when

We were kind of getting a little friendly yeah we’re having a little afternoon like they walked through the door and they just get that thing out of my face okay what thing are you talking about there debbie yeah yeah so yeah that was funny though because they they just came right in and sat down to enjoy the show i mean it was like really funny and helpful

Well we we always people come to us clipping of uh this is bob’s uh cam job here it is oh my god he’s he’s he’s got the guy in focus really a little taster here a little a little something what’s up y’all this is pants coming at you from jemison alabama and it’s live live all the way live sfo 2019 does he sound like matthew mcconaughey yes he does oh my god

Comment below if you think so too not like a cat just a reminder for those that are going to be participating in the rally rally uh if you will need to be back to shoney slash um hotel by 4 30 if you’re back past 4 45 you won’t get scored sorry you’d lose anyway because your penalty points would cause you to lose but bob says fyb says that you’re going to

Lose anyway so you know the hell are you though all right so anyway um we’ve got quite a crowd i want everybody to come on through and drop the green flag here once we get done with our eating etc i’d like for you to also our negotiators band loose again this will be the fourth year in a row that mr allen barlow has participated mr john campbell one of his

Best friends in the world is going to be on vocals and strumming and really making it all work for you guys tonight we got a special evening so this was a friday night and that was the shrimp boil night the night before thursday we had cincinnati skyline chili with cheddar cheese and onions oh my god it was delicious and then saturday is the barbecue yes went

Wrong was it something that somebody said it’s all and wrong before one more time you can’t do the community no i’m sorry oh no no no it’s not shampoo just take it okay don’t be scared don’t be scared don’t be scared don’t be scared it says tea oh no that’s a cute never mind i think you urinated in it trust me we’re clean don’t be scared it’s

Not bad is that moonshine oh yeah all right here kj here a little bit of a happy juice it’s not bad it’s the type of liquor everybody wants and everybody loves because i guess it’s the forbidden liquor you’re not supposed to have it see i told you it’s nice casting this unlikely role in equipped with insufficient ties one must put up barriers to keep

Oneself entirely just put aside is is each other and how oh oh man look at my life don’t get lost doesn’t mean that much to me that i mean wow me

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SFO Yamaha FJR Motorcycle Rally | Halloween in Jemison AL By Where Two Next?