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Should you buy the MT07 for… | 2021 Yamaha MT07 Highway Review

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What’s going on everybody chase on two wheels here for another video and uh to be honest not really looking forward to it today we have one of my favorite motorcycles of 2021 the yamaha mt-07 and you guys know we’re doing today i’m sacrificing my body to find out what the mt07 is like riding on the highway all day long i did this on the r7 and it was terrible and

The r7 had a windscreen the md-07 as you can see has no windscreen so the things we’re going to be looking for in today’s exhausting ride how bad is the seat over a long period of time with a lot of highway wind how is the wind when coming at you and you being upright and having to fight that all day as you guys know this is our highway and our mountain day so i’m

Going to be filming those today so i’m going to take the highway from here all the way up to the north georgia mountains i’m going to film a separate highway video we’ll have that link down below if you guys are interested in seeing it and then i’m gonna have to take the highway all the way back here to the shop and at the very end of the video i should be able

To tell you guys how bad this is maybe it’s good my voice is scared too ran away uh but maybe it’s good who knows we’re gonna find out today without further ado guys uh we just uh we need to rip the band-aid off let’s get this thing going but first we gotta go get some gas so let’s get on to it the bike’s not on i’m a terrible start an absolutely terrible start

Alrighty guys so to start our trip off like all motorcycle trips to the mountains we gotta fuel up this monster let’s see how much money we gotta start the day with all right and the results are you are the father one gallon point seven six six all right so my friends that is a full tank in the mt-07 uh there’s nothing to it but to do it let’s get the passenger

Pegs up so we can get the optimal wind resistance i am very curious how the wind is going to affect the uh mpg because there’s no slipstream right i don’t know if that matters anyways guys that’s gas that’s the go button let’s go after this jeep actually f the jeep are you waiting i want to get to the mountain i want to know so guys if y’all have not seen

A one of our highway tests or our mountain test videos uh the things i’m i’m wondering about specifically with the mt07 i still love this bike the guys and i’ve had it for a little over a month at the shop and i tell you i love every second of it but i have very rarely taken this thing on the highway and i’m kind of worried about it i i don’t honestly i don’t

Think i’m gonna have an enjoyable day on the highway i think when we get to the mountains it might not be bad i don’t know how this seat’s going to hold up i don’t have a lot of faith in it and you know that suspension is super soft so i think in the mountains i’m really going to get hit with that but this wind on the way there is going to be rough i feel like the

Engine should probably be fine and we’ll be getting up here on the highway in the second i’m going to be looking for a vibration uh of the bike at you know highway speeds i’m going to be looking at you know just everything that has to do with spending a lot of time on the highway on the motorcycle is the engine stressed you know if i’m in six gear chilling can

I get comfortable those are the things we’ll probably find out today i do have to keep in mind this motorcycle is is not that expensive it’s like 7 500 bucks thereabouts the real big thing is we have no cruise control if you guys have seen the highway videos in the past cruise control is so nice to have i know one thing i’m gonna miss my mt10 today i was hoping

We could do like a wheelie under the highway to just like appreciate some part of today that’s that’ll be enough didn’t want to really scare the red car all right we’re here we’re on the highway we’re on the mt07 let’s ruin my love for this motorcycle by doing a test of something that it is inherently not good at well for the engine stress test i mean we’re

Able to go 80 and we’re not even in at 6 000 rpms in six gear yet that’s not bad at i all this engine is gonna have no problem with uh the highway today so guys one thing i’m noticing right off the bat is that you know the wind is hitting me like dead in the chest and up and i knew that would be bad but the one thing that is really coming across right now is

Just being blown around the highway there’s these gusts that are just kind of having their way with me right now they’re just blowing me all over the place i don’t really this is not a motorcycle that you get on the highway and you just feel planted i just kind of feel like a bobble head right now just moving all over the place and i don’t really think tucking

In yeah tucking in doesn’t really do much for me that’s just one of those symptoms of having an upright motorcycle that just really doesn’t have a lot of weight behind it it doesn’t have anything to really counteract that wind so that is uh that is pretty apparent right now you know riding this mt07 and i’ve talked about it in previous videos it really reminds me

Of my wr250 and a lot of a lot of those reasons are very good it’s a very playful motorcycle and it’s light and stuff like that and it makes it feel like it’s just a stronger wr250 for me but one of the things that doesn’t remind me about the wr250 are the handlebars when that bike’s on the highway legit i don’t i don’t know if i’ve ever shown it in the video but

It’s sketchy as hell if we’re going 80 on my wr and i wiggle my handlebars ah it doesn’t oh oh it does do it all right if we’re going up fast on the highway typically if you moved your handlebars back and forth it would uh it would be hard to do it your bike would just stay stable but with my wr it just starts wiggling the entire motorcycle and it’s terrifying

I didn’t think this bike does it but what it does is it just takes a little more of that to make it wiggle you see all right we got to stop that that’s terrifying that’ll get you in trouble um okay so this is essentially uh my wr with a slightly lower seat height and uh a slightly stronger engine oh my goodness that suspension is terrifying dude whatever all

Right guys i’m gonna tuck in i’m gonna play some music i’m gonna rock through this highway if anything happens if i notice anything i’ll come back on but i’m just going to try to eat up some miles right now the throttle is really light that’s helpful since we don’t have cruise control so we’ll see how this goes and i’ll catch back in with you guys so chase

How has the highway been thus far not bad chase thanks for asking how’s it riding without a helmet latch on chase pretty terrible chase thanks for asking all right fixed all right guys so we’re getting kind of close to the halfway point we’re getting to a gas station before we start heading up into the mountains and so far figured i would do a check-in with you

Guys you know since we’ve been on the highway for a hot minute i can tell you guys the uh easy pull of that throttle is making it to where uh what’s up motorcycle guy there’s a lot of motorcycles out today i’m hoping that we’re gonna get to see some leaves changing on the mountain video uh anyway the easy pull of the throttle on the mt07 is making it super like

Okay that i don’t have cruise control now granted i’m not able to take my hand off of it obviously but the amount of pressure that it takes to keep the bike at highway speeds we’ve been going about 70 to 80. and i can literally just rest my hand on the throttle that’s been helping a ton i honestly i don’t even miss cruise control if i’m if i’m gonna be honest

I i do notice that once you get to about 85 miles an hour consistently on the mt07 that’s when the wind starts really starts fatiguing you uh as of right now i don’t feel too bad because i’ve been keeping it under 80. maybe on the highway back i’ll try going above 85 for an extended period of time just to kind of test that uh also the seat now the seats actually

Doing better than i thought it would i didn’t think it would be doing this good i thought it would already be sore by now but it’s really not that bad and you gotta you guys gotta remember i’m sitting upright on a motorcycle and i’ve got wind hitting me so not only do i have my weight but i have the wind force pushing my butt down that’s why i was thinking the seat

Was going to start or my ball was going to start hurting because of the seat so far we’re looking all right as long as we uh keep these handlebars stable and don’t let them do any speed wobbles everything’s been all right honestly i i kind of expected it to be worse but let’s finish up the highway and uh then i can i can jump up to the mountains for a little while

You guys remember when we were back at the shop or around the shop we had a full tank we ended up putting in about a 1.6 gallons it’s time to see how many gallons if any it took to get up here now recently we did a video on the rocket the triumph rocket 3r and i if i remember correctly it took that motorcycle 0.96 gallons to get here to the mountains very curious

What the mt07s is all right and the number is 0.664 that’s awesome that’s a lot of a difference honestly 0.3 of a gallon compared from the rocket to the mt07 we all know if you guys aren’t familiar with the rocket it’s like the biggest production motorcycle ever made with the engine wise and compared to today we’ve got our little cp2 engine that’s the first half

Of the highway test guys the wind wasn’t great the little wobbling at speed that sketch but you only really get that when you try to do it when i was just riding it really wasn’t that bad the seats been okay the shape of the seat feels really good it’s just like a slight pressure point like right here where the seat kind of has a harsher angle for this being a

Mid-level naked bike i would categorize that as really good for highways so what we’re gonna do now is i’m gonna pause this video i am gonna take that road up into those mountains ride it around that’s an entirely separate video we’ll have a link for that in the description when i get to the top of the mountain and finish that video i will be back with you guys so

Let’s do a little let’s do a little baby mountain montage and i’ll see you guys at the top of the mountain and we’ll finish this day up ugh all right guys just finished up the mountain run on the mt07 man the view behind me looks so good and i’m not gonna show it to you i’m gonna make you watch the the mountain video but what i will give you highway fan people

I’m up here in the mountains and i gotta make it down so i can make it back to the highways so bo start playing some music and let’s get a little bit of a mountain montage on the mt07 just to wet the beak of these beautiful people watching this video and in a moment we’ll be at the highway but for now i’m gonna shut the hell up and enjoy this all right that

Is all the teas you get i will see you guys on the highway all right guys the fun has been had we are done with the highway now let’s fill back up so we can get back to the shop all right guys gassed up we’ll make it back i’m gonna be honest been riding all day butt’s getting a little sore i don’t know how the rest of this is gonna go but we gotta make it back so

There’s nothing else to do but do it oh thank god oh thank god we’re back oh my gosh my butt my butt’s dead i can’t feel it i can feel it it feels terrible guys that’s it that’s done i gotta sit down i gotta sit down on an actual seat oh my god well guys the mt07 on the highway my butt is so done something i noticed with the mt07 the way the handlebars and

You as a rider on the motorcycle there’s really nowhere to chill like you can tuck in but that doesn’t do anything so there’s nowhere to rest so it’s just your the weight of your butt plus all the wind pushing your butt into the seat now the seat’s not bad but after riding 200 miles straight with no brake that gets a little rough suspension was okay engine’s amazing

I love this motorcycle i just don’t love this motorcycle for highway use two things you guys need to get if you’re riding this on the highway you have to have wind protection you got to get something up there um we’ll put some options for the 2021 mt07 from our buddies at revzilla in the description that you would have to get if you’re going to do highway on this

And a comfort seat i don’t know if yamaha makes a conversation i know they make one from my mt-10 love that but the seat on that thing is just not not up to par i think that’s all i got i’m just gonna sit here on the floor and let my uh let my butt rest for a while if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to hit the like button super helpful and subscribe to the

Channel for more motorcycle content of chase sacrificing his body to test motorcycles for you guys if anything my butt is owed a like button at this point alrighty guys well that’s the mt07 on the highway hope you guys enjoyed it later so outro crew for one welcome to the outro crew if you made it in the video you’re in the outro crew so what’s up high five two

Things you guys need to do for me hit the like button because i know you already did and make a comment down below put oc in your comment so i know it’s you so guys question is mto7 sucks on the highway is that okay do we still love this bike as much as we used to i think we do we just need mods to make it work but you guys let me know in the comments down below

Also love you just a little bit longer my butt is so thankful to be done i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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Should you buy the MT07 for… | 2021 Yamaha MT07 Highway Review By Chaseontwowheels