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SO YOU WANT TO BUY A YAMAHA FZ-07/MT-07: comparing a Yamaha FZ-07 to a Yamaha R6

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What’s up guys welcome back to the channel so i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that subscribed lately we are at 83 subscribers now last week i said i was at 74 i think so big progress i finally had a video that hit over a thousand views and i just want to tell you guys that i appreciate you i appreciate everything you guys do for this channel with

That being said if you like the channel or if you like any of the videos that you guys have seen so far go ahead and hit that subscribe button it is very much appreciated and smash that like button it really helps out the channel and gets my videos out there to more people so with that being said let’s get started with today’s video all right so a little update

On my bike uh i’m gonna need a new tire that does not look good anything that’s shiny right there that’s a that’s the steel braid that’s inside the tire i mean i knew i was gonna need a new tire soon but man i ride this thing a lot i ride to work every day probably about 70-ish miles a day uh so yeah i need a new tire that’s going to be a cool like i don’t

Know 300 bucks just for the back the front still looks fine though the front still has a lot of tread left and uh so i don’t know if i should get mixed match tires because i want to get a different uh brand and model tire for the back i want something more uh i don’t know highway friendly i guess but yeah it’s still good enough to keep with the uh the very

Fast speed that i travel at and for today we are going to make a video of me test riding my buddy’s fz07 it’s a it’s a naked bike me personally i’m not a big fan of naked bikes so we’ll see how this goes um he’s going to be riding my r6 i’m going to leave a link to his channel in the description if you guys want to check out his video go ahead subscribe to his

Channel and give give his videos some likes too we’re both growing channels and we’re trying to we’re trying to reach the top so go ahead subscribe to his channel subscribe to my channel give our videos some likes and fz07 all right so this is my buddy’s fz07 jacob he’s going to be riding my r6 uh so he told me that this one has a full exhaust system it has

The windscreen and it has aftermarket bars on it his plans for this bike is to make it to a stunt bike so he has a cage ordered on it and we’re gonna see where this thing goes and how i like this thing and um this is gonna be an initial reaction just because uh i wanted to see what another bike would feel like he’s gonna be riding my r6 he’s more of like the

Upright he’s more of the upright riding position type of person he doesn’t really like leaning forward he doesn’t like going fast he’s more of like comfortable uh commuting type and like he wants to stunt his bike so he just wants to have fun like slower speeds and doing cooler stuff than i do because uh all i do is speed and that’s dangerous his stuff is safer

So go ahead like i said his channel is going to be in the description uh just go ahead follow him subscribe to him like his videos and let’s start riding this thing i’ve heard this thing is like a very torque wheelie machine i’m going to attempt to do a wheelie i don’t know if it’s gonna work i’m not good at wheelies so uh he has a paper license plate and it’s

In backpack so if you’re questioning his plates he does have one don’t worry about it but let’s see how this thing rides i’m pretty uh pretty curious if this thing is going to be fast or if it’s going to be like uncontrollable or what’s going on all right this is weird the only bikes that i’ve really ridden were some test rides at harley davidson on some uh

Cruiser type bikes and my road glide so let’s see how this goes so it’s neutral that’s how nice wow oh this is weird so he has his uh sensory aftermarket brake levers and stuff like that the clutch lever is normal but the brake lever is like leaning forward i guess that’s his own liking because he had to change everything so let’s see how this goes this is

Weird all right oh the brakes are squishy yeah this is definitely different this bike sounds really good my helmet blocks a lot of the wind and the well not it doesn’t block the wind it blocks the noise and i can still clearly hear this bike i hope my voice is still clear because i think my r6 is quieter than this right now man the brakes are so squishy and

Oh wow i don’t know if this is a common thing for f-zero sevens mt07s but or maybe i’m just comparing it to the r6 too much and then the bars honestly my hand is getting kind of tired already because the way that the bars are angled i hope i don’t get pulled over already because i don’t have a plate it’s in my backpack all right he’s parked next to me i hope

He doesn’t light me up all right he’s passing me he’s passing i have a shaded advisor so he can’t see me looking at him i’m not turning my head go go go go go get away get away yeah no license plate got away hey another r6 all right green light we made it no ticket oh okay so uh forgot that there’s no quick shifter i tried shifting didn’t work um so that’s

Just my fault wow you could really just stand on this bike well initial reaction is this bike is very comfortable uh i think this windscreen does make a difference i’m pretty sure if this wasn’t if there wasn’t a windscreen right here it’d be very uh very windy and pushing me back and stuff in a lot of drag i mean i haven’t really ridden a bike without like a

Front protection my harley has a big bearing in front of it the r6 you’re obviously like riding pretty tucked down already and when you’re speeding you’re all the way tucked down as much as you can so man these bars feel really weird though i know these are aftermarket so i can’t really judge them too much but like i feel like they’re kind of like angled more

Inwards and so my hands are kind of like just tilted more like that the front bars they uh they move a lot on the r6 they kind of just go in a straight line on this thing whenever you’re shifting and pulling a clutch or break i feel like it kind of wiggles the bars a little bit it doesn’t really feel as stable as the r6 but the r6 is meant to go a little faster

Than this and it’s meant to go in a straight line it’s definitely lighter it feels lighter than the r6 more nimble man i’m really gonna have to buy a new tire soon that really sucks because those things are not cheap i’m gonna see if i can uh dismount oh i’m gonna see if i could dismount the tire myself or like at least the wheel from the bike and take it

To a shop and have them put it on like that maybe save a little bit off of like labor costs or stuff because i don’t know why but motorcycle tires are a lot more expensive than a car tire i think to mount and balance a car tire it’s like i don’t know uh 20 bucks 40 bucks to mount and balance a motorcycle tire it’s like 120 or 200 bucks depending where you go

He’s had two flat tires on two separate bikes before and he’s probably spent in total 500 on just back tires and insulation i feel like i’m sitting up on like a pedestal this bike is not slow it has some get up and go i feel a little weird on this like taking off on it because i’m used to like the uh the way that the rs6 kind of like curves in the seat this

One is like flat the r6 is kind of like angled upwards so that way you can like whenever you’re flooring it you don’t like slide back too much this one’s really flat so you kind of like slide back a little bit when you accelerate and there’s a lot of torque in this bike it’s very torchy this is like harley vibes almost as far as like the the way that it’s like

Moving and like ah it’s hard to describe it’s like a i don’t want to say agile just very fluent to like going side to side and stuff all right i’ll count that as a win the fc07 kind of caught up with all right not caught up so i kept up with the r6 which i wasn’t even paying attention to the rpm so i was kind of shifting whenever but uh it’s still impressive

Considering that this isn’t really like a go fast bike it’s more like a comfortable bike whereas the r6 is like meant for speed the fz07 is 96 horsepower i think the the r6 is about 107. these are both numbers from like the factory they’re not like real numbers this is a 699 cc bike i think and the r6 is a 600 so this one may have a bigger engine but the r6

Is made for speed the clutch engagement feels uh obviously different as any bike would feel different the main thing that’s getting me with this bike is how squishy the brakes are i guess it’s not like the safest thing i don’t know it doesn’t put a lot of confidence in me for uh braking and i don’t know if the braking situation is just fco 7 mto sounds overall

But it just it’s really squishy i don’t think i like it but uh the likes of this bike i like how torky it is i like how smooth it is how comfortable this bike is like i can definitely commute on this bike i’m pretty sure i can get used to the handlebars uh how inward they are and this bike is like i don’t know the gearing and how smooth it is i don’t know what

Gear i’m in all the time the r6 i can definitely guess because it backfires a lot on first and second gear yeah on the r6 you can guess what gear you’re in especially by the hou by how fast you’re going and like i don’t know i’m just used to it i guess but this bike is just so smooth in all the gears you don’t really feel how fast you’re going you don’t feel

When you need to shift and it’s really quiet i mean considering uh compared to the rs6 it’s really quiet so it’s really comfortable just standing up on this thing i can see why a lot of sport bike riders uh why they are stunt bike riders i should say why they wheelie these things all the time you can expect the power where it’s supposed to be at and not only

That but like how you can just stand up on this thing and it can feel totally normal wow this thing with a quick shifter would be pretty awesome this thing has a lot of rumble like uh it rumbles a lot like a harley but i guess this is a the way that the engine’s set up i forgot it’s called the parallel twin no it’s not a pro i don’t know i need to read up

More on this bike but it has a lot of rumble shakes a lot very throaty when you’re at those higher rpms this exhaust system definitely helps sounds really good this thing is so fast oh no this thing does not do too good at high speeds like i said from earlier this uh this bike it’s a little wiggly whenever you’re shifting and stuff like that but i don’t

Know what it is if it’s like the tire size or like how the bars are i don’t know exactly what it is but this bike it’s a little squirrely a little sketchy i i did not like that at all i probably hit like i don’t know maybe 110 i don’t know i i didn’t look because i was getting a little nervous because the bars were shaking it’s a little nerve-wracking doing

A wheelie on this thing because uh it’s not my bike oh that was almost bad okay i’m gonna chill i’m pretty sure the front wheel locked up that was a little sketchy not my bike so i need to chill out so ooh my hands are hurting they’re tired they’re not used to this position they’re used to going fast and like tucking down man i just like standing up on this

Thing this is so comfortable yeah jan sport make sure that thing is zipped up those things open up on the highway make sure they’re zipped up to the bottom not the top because i know some people uh bring up both zippers to the top middle make sure that it’s zipped up through the bottom and that the small pocket flap is closed and like folded over properly

Because then it’ll open up too oh another thing about the fc07 mp07 i’m pretty sure they fixed it on the newer models but the fz07 doesn’t have the best headlights or light fixtures at all i mean turn signals high beams low beams they’re just not that bright and i don’t know what’s up with yamaha but they just don’t want to give them leds or anything like that

I think the new mc09 might have uh leds but not the s07 he always keeps his high beam on just to let people know that hey i’m right here you know what you think that’s the first time i’ve ever wrote it like full-on yeah uh it’s very torquey not stable at all you see what i’m saying like once you start moving faster like it feels completely different yeah it’s

Not it’s not stable it doesn’t like those high speeds not really it’s not i don’t know what it is i don’t know if it’s a front tire or like just because it’s naked i don’t know if it’s the stock tire but i’m not too happy i don’t think that’s the stock tire huh i don’t think that’s the stock tire i don’t know i know i want to get the weights back on the ends

But at the same time i thought about getting bar in mirrors i don’t know i was looking at stabilizers too maybe that’s what it is uh the bar ends the the weights the weights it could be i don’t know i don’t know it kind of works next to us over by mcdonald’s i thought he was going to throw a little plate on it oh yeah i was waiting for the cup i was it’s in my

Video i like that one though it moves quick like it takes off yeah it does all right so this is going to be the end of the video i don’t want to get too repetitive on this bike but this is what the bike looks like it’s blue and silver it’s uh one of the basic like uh color combinations that yamaha does for their bikes i was gonna get this color for the r6 but

They didn’t have one and i kind of really wanted the orange one because the orange pops out a lot but this was a fun bike all in all this bike is really fun it’s really easy to do a wheelie and it’s just not good at high speeds that’s that’s the overall intake that you should take from this video is that it’s not good at high speed so if you’re getting it for

Speed don’t get it for speed uh if you’re trying to stunt it this would be awesome if you’re trying to commute on it i had to get used to the handlebars but then again these are aftermarket handlebars the bike overall sounded really good and that’s pretty much the conclusion for this bike so if you guys like today’s video go ahead and bike subscribe i’m gonna

Link jacob’s youtube channel in the description below uh go ahead subscribe to him like his videos and he’ll tell you more about this bike on his channel it’s amazing so go ahead do that and as always keep it cruising see you guys next like a time

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SO YOU WANT TO BUY A YAMAHA FZ-07/MT-07: comparing a Yamaha FZ-07 to a Yamaha R6 By Its Just Cruz