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Audio jungle howdy folks this is igor brandeo and in today’s video we’re here at eric’s place and at his garage to make a nice video installing the braided brake lines on the mt-09 2021. so the parts are all laid down here we have this speedler brake lines front and rear and abs unit and also the centered pads two for the front and one from the rear we

Also have the dot for mo to break fluid here as well and here’s the gopro for a nice time lapse of the whole process so so small stop on the time lapse because you will stand at another day we could only do the rear braided lines on the last video because it’s quite a bit more involved than we were thinking you have to put out the both the seat and

The tank to access the abs module where the the braided lines go here’s the second day where we’ll be installing the front uh braided lines and also the dna or filter it got to me as well which will together with the akrapovic yield the bike so much more horsepower we’re going to be flashing the ecu i’m going to mail it to washington and yeah let’s see let’s

See so so so this is it it took a whole morning starting at 8 a.m now it’s just over noon to take out everything that we needed and the oem lines now the calipers sit here without the oem lines and eric’s going to be completing the service while i’m not here because we actually just packaged the ecu to mail it over to washington and after we’re done

Mailing it and it returns to us we’ll have the mt fully unlocked without the factory limiter a proper fuel injection and tailored to both the krapovic exhaust as well as the dna air filter which is oh which is right there right underneath there are some metal fairings some metal gaskets and some zip ties to hold the ecu when it gets back to place but yeah

For you guys we’ll be in just a minute but it will be another week waiting until we can assemble the mt back it’s going to be all in one video for you guys and here’s the detail of some of the the parts so the oem filter a little bit dirty the top part of the box the lower part of the box seat and the tank also some some of the lines here look at how

Those are they have rubber in the beginning then metal and then rubber again such a pain in the ass to remove all these connections and many thanks many thanks eric for figuring this out and be such a good friend so here we are at a different day now the lines are all routed and installed so check out the results so this is the front brake terminal to the

Master cylinder and it gets routed like this and my friend eric was very meticulous on routing the cables and it routes so perfectly that it seems oem i’m really glad with the results and the product quality as well the the blue with the gold terminals as if they were made for this bike so let’s check out how it bolts to the abs unit here so it goes all

The way underneath the air boxes and it’s been rounded perfectly torqued to spec this one was a little bit of a pain to to torque because you see how it wiggles so because these take according to the manual 30 newton meters each uh this everything was was turning when when going into closer to the specs so yeah it was a hassle to torque down but my friend

Eric was able to to do it perfectly and this is the dna filter so looks nice had a little bit of shipping damage where this metal gasket here or aluminum gasket was a little bit bent but not to the point where it would snap so we bent it back in shape and now it sits there cool and now we got the ecu back the ecu flash was done by two wheel dyno works on

Washington so let’s lap onto the bike and then soon we’ll make the video testing out the mapped versions i’m eric and igor’s good friend of mine this is his mt09 we’re going to make it faster and better and get it eventually set up even for uh track days awesome yeah looking forward to that so this is it finally the bike is assembled again we’ve already went

For a few test runs to see everything checked out and let’s let’s check the results before we talk about the brake lines let me also say that meanwhile i installed the pew wig uh bubble here i’m gonna do a review video about that when we ride but a little bit of a spoiler it did make a difference on the wind protection and it just looks amazing with the with

This bike to a match with the color of the wheels so yeah it’s a very nice translucent blue very good so without further ado uh this is how the brake lines look on the sun properly routed now we have the tank assembled so we can’t see the ecu or the air filters but man let me tell you we already went for a few test runs initially the check engine light was

On right here so we couldn’t change rider modes or uh turn off traction control not even going to the settings because it had to relearn itself but we went for a few runs and luckily it did go away so the bike relearned all of its new specs and parameters so now it went away and we can change through all the the riding modes and man it looks and sounds

Amazing the only thing i’m concerned with and we’ll have to test that is the intake noise because now it’s so pronounced that uh hopefully it will be nice on the video but we’ll see how it goes so there we have it the performance mods installed for the mt-09 we’ll make soon a video testing all that out to see how the new rider aids behave put in videos uh

Regarding the specifics on on the air filters if it’s worth it or not the flash uh what i feel on the on the of difference or not and i’ve ridden this bike for like three thousand miles stock so i should have a pretty good lay of the land comparing so if you liked the video please drop a like subscribe for more content like this and catch you next time

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