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Why Yamahas New 2021 MT-09 Is Dividing Opinion!

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This week yamaha announced a brand new update for their super popular mt09 for the next model year and despite the fact that it’s had a comprehensive overhaul with more power more tech less weight and better components the reaction to it still seems to have been mixed largely that’s because of the way it looks with a super modern aesthetic especially at the front end

So in today’s video we’re going to go over the specs in some detail and i’ll also give you my opinion on that new styling but before we get started if you’re new here and you want to see more of the latest new bike releases for 2021 then please do remember to hit subscribe i’ll be covering as many of them as possible through the next couple of months so be sure

To subscribe if you want to see those videos as soon as they go live let’s start with the engine where some of the most significant performance enhancements have been made the headline update for their cross plane triple cylinder power plant is an increase in capacity from 847 cc to 889 this was achieved by increasing the ball by three millimeters and the result

Is a four horsepower increase in peak power to 118 horsepower at 10 000 rpm but perhaps more significant than that for a road bike is an increase in peak torque that’s delivered lower down the rev range the previous generation was capable of 87.5 newton meters at 8500 rpm whilst the 2021 version will make 93 newton meters peak at 7000 rpm that’s a difference

Of one and a half thousand rpm which is pretty substantial in terms of how those figures compare to the mt-09s rivals it’s pretty competitive with the power matching ktm’s 890 jew car and just a handful of horses short of bikes like the triumph street triple rs and the kawasaki z900 torque is better than the triumph most likely are into the larger capacity and

Just slightly less than the ktm and kawasaki which both put out a peak in the high 90s like with all new motorcycles at the moment some work has been done to ensure that the new engine will pass the upcoming stricter euro 5 emissions regulations there’s a significant change to fuel delivery with the fuel injectors of the previous generation attached directly to

The cylinder head whilst the new model mounts them to the throttle valve so that fuel is injected into the back of the intake valve heads yamaha claimed that this improves fuel atomization and reduces the adhesion of fuel to the intake port walls contributing to a 9 increase in fuel efficiency overall yamaha also took the opportunity to shed some weight they say

That virtually every major component is new including pistons conrods camshafts and crank cases and despite its larger capacity and higher power output the 2021 power plant including the new exhaust is 1700 grams lighter than the current design a bit of further reading into the specs reveals that the exile system is responsible for 1400 grams of those savings

So really it’s 300 grams saved on the engine itself elsewhere the intake and exhaust systems have been redesigned with yamaha claiming a more dominant intake sound whilst new stainless steel headers and a silence of the exits on both the left and right are responsible for an improved stereo soundtrack an up and down quick shifter has been added as standard a

Ride-by-wire throttle introduced the ratios of the first and second gears have been revised there are new materials used on the assist and slipper clutch friction plates and a new cam angle on the clutch for a lighter feel at the lever rounding off a pretty comprehensive list of engine updates for the new mt-09 in unison with the engine yamaha have completely

Revised the aluminium frame with larger twin beams that run directly from the steering head to the swing arm pivot in order to maximize strength that’s resulted in a 50 increase in lateral rigidity improving straight line stability it ought to handle better through corners too with some changes to the dimensions and geometry which yamaha say of improved front-end

Grip and rider feedback and moving the swing arm pivots to sit inside the new frame structure rather than on the outside as before contributes to the improved rigidity and reduces unsprung weight in fact the wet weight as a whole is down by 4 kilograms to 189 which makes it the lightest bike in the 900 naked category we’ve already mentioned the 1.7 kilograms saved

On the engine and exhaust but a high-tech die-casting process has allowed them to create the thinnest frame wall section they’ve ever made by my calculations the frame is responsible for about half a kilogram of savings switching the subframe from steel to aluminium is shed another 1.5 and the revised swing arm is also 250 grams lighter on top of that the new

10 spoke wheels are 700 grams lighter than last year’s with yamaha claiming an immediate performance advantage as when it comes to unspring weight even the smallest reduction makes a significant contribution towards improved handling steering and suspension performance they’ve achieved this with a new spun forging manufacturing process in which the wheels are

Heated up and spun at high speed whilst rollers apply pressure to the rim thinning them to just two millimeters whilst retaining full strength suspension settings have been revised to account for this reduction in weight and increase in rigidity with kyb supplying the 41 millimeter fully adjustable upside down forks and a new adjustable rear shock with revised

Linkage although braking hardware remains largely the same the traditional axial master cylinder of the previous generation has been replaced with a nissin radial master cylinder in short this means that the fluid piston moves in parallel with the lever travel which gives a better feel of crispness and control at the brake lever in designing the new mt-09 yamaha

Say that they wanted to achieve two goals firstly to boost the excitement factor on every ride and it appears that they’ve done that with more power less weight and handling improvements but secondly they wanted to enable the rider to explore the bike’s full performance capabilities whilst retaining a comfortable and natural ride quality and the way that they

Sought to achieve that is by including the most comprehensive package of electronic rider aids possible that means that the mt-09 now gets a 6-axis inertial measurement unit in fact the same system that’s been used on the r1 since 2015 measuring acceleration from front to back up and down and left and right as well as the angle of pitch roll and your the imu

Feeds into a range of rider aids to make them lean sensitive this includes traction control slide control wheelie control and brake control which manages abs three riding modes can be used to alter the rider aids with mode 1 delivering moderate intervention mode 2 giving strong intervention and mode m allowing the rider to configure their own preference this can

Be done through the new three and a half inch tft dash which features a full colour display it’s not the biggest nor the most comprehensive on the market but yamaha say that they chose a medium size to blend in with the front end of the bike they list the new bar type rev counter a clock a gear shift indicator and water and air temperature as highlights but it

Certainly can’t compete with something like the street triple rs or the bmw f900r which both incorporate phone connectivity to enable navigation media playback and call and message handling lastly on the tech front there’s led lighting at the front and rear with a striking new headlight assembly with a central bi-functional projector and this brings me nicely

To the styling of the bike with that new headline really defining the front end of this updated mt-09 gone is the aggressive twin frown of last year’s model in favor of a technological cyclops vibe in designing the new mt-09 yamaha said that they wanted to strip away everything but the essentials to reveal the mechanical beauty of its functional components the

Headlight tank seat and exhaust have all been positioned as close to the engine as possible to give it a compact aggressive pent-up powerful look they call it a coverless design with absolutely no body work apart from the front mug guard and headlight nacelle as you can see from the pictures there are no side panels nor much of a seat unit and it really does look

Super stripped back in fact here are a couple of side by sides with the last generation so that you can see for yourself now personally i quite like this design granted the headlight looks like it’s mounted a little high for my taste but i think that it’s a super modern design that will just take a little while to sink in much in the same way that the massive front

Grills on bmw’s recently updated cars were hard to get used to but now make previous generations look a little dated but you only need to scan the comments on yamaha’s official launch video on their youtube channel to see the opinion is somewhat divided in fact maybe that’s been a little kind with the majority of commenters voicing their displeasure specifically

At the design of the headlight i’d love to know what you guys think of it in the comments below do you think it’s ahead of its time or did yamaha make a mistake with this iteration of the mt-09 i don’t think that it’s hoped that this single central headlight concept first appeared on a recently updated mt03 if you’re buying the bigger more expensive bike i don’t

Think you want to feel like it’s inherited anything from a smaller cheaper bike much better to launch the more premium model in the same way that honda did with the cb1000r and then subsequently roll out the smaller capacity more affordable models that way anyone who’s bought the range-topping bike will feel like they’re getting the most up-to-date and cutting-edge

Design with the smaller bikes then receiving some features that subsequently trickle down but as i said let me know your thoughts in the comments below i always enjoy reading them and if you’re new here and you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe and i’ll catch you next time um

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Why Yamaha's New 2021 MT-09 Is Dividing Opinion! By MOTOBOB