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YAM001540 – 2015 Yamaha FZ 07 FZ07FWC – Used motorcycles for sale

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Hey guys nick here with texas best used motorcycles and mansfield texas got a cool little bike with me today it’s a 2015 yamaha fz oh seven now this thing is fully set up for stunt riding so if you’d like to pop wheelies do endows and all that stuff we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this bike it’s fully set up and ready to go this one’s got the 689 cc parallel

Twin motor he’s got a six-speed transmission fuel-injected and liquid-cooled it’s got an upgraded slip-on muffler here gives that parallel twin a real nice sound and see all these carbon-fiber accent panels looks real good these are pretty nice for the stunning that you called frame cages so if you’re if you’re in the lot doing wheelies and all that stuff you can

Expect to drop your bike probably quite a bit this one doesn’t look like it’s been dropped everything looks nice and clean these were these will protect all the hard parts protect the motor it’s got some hard mounted passenger pegs those are set up for stunning as well it’s got a small rock chip on this side of the gas tank and i think one on the other side as

Well you can see it’s got some carbon fiber trim up here around the gas cap looks real nice this one’s got kind of that streetfighter look to it the cyclops headlight brand-new tire on the front still got the hairs on it of the carbon fiber front panel the front fender as well looks like it’s got some dirt bike style bars again everything this bike has is set up

For stunning it’s still completely street-legal it’s still very easy to ride if you don’t want to do any of that stuff it’s got a mirror right here the bar in mirror so it is street legal in that sense and this is cool it’s got you can see two levers up here on the front so this is your clutch lever this is actually a rear brake it still has the factory rear brake

Over here but again for stunning if you’re doing willy’s stand-up willy’s and your feet are back here on the pegs the passenger pegs the way you control them a wheelie is with the rear brake so it’s easier to control it right here on the handguard to change riven bike this one looks freshly cleaned and lubed see that small rockchip over here on this side and it’s

Got a little bit of fading on the inside of this headlight panel all pretty minor stuff it is one of our certified pre-owned bikes so we do a multi-point inspection on it a 15-mile test ride to make sure everything is working properly give it a professional detail it’s got a fairly new tire on the rear and you can see back here that g├╝ell brake setup so it’s got

Two calpers on the rear brake it’s been professionally done looks good no hack jobs or anything the f07 comes with a nice display unit all digital got a gear indicator fuel gauge tachometer clock mile-per-hour all your indicator lights down here just a nice clean compact set up here see how many miles we’ve got this one’s got 7600 miles on it sounds great with

That slip on to starts right up motors nice and quiet the parallel twin is pretty unique it’s got its got good mid-range and down load torque very very writable on the street you don’t have to really rev it up like an inline 4 to get going you’d like to know more about it you can contact our sales team at 8 1 7 9 85 88 88 we can check out our website at texas best

Using motorcycles comm see our full inventory we offer excellent finance and extended warranty options take almost anything in on trading we sell and ship bikes all around the world so it’d be real easy to get this one to you this is nick with texas best used motorcycles and mansfield texas thanks for watching

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YAM001540 – 2015 Yamaha FZ 07 FZ07FWC – Used motorcycles for sale By TexasBestMotorcycles