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Yamaha Big Bikes Update In The Philippines.

Yamaha Big Bikes Update In The Philippines.

These are the latest prices for yamaha big bikes this is the super tannery 1200cc $849,000 of two to five thousand and that’s the cash for monthly of 12 24 and 36 and the rebate for early payment is five hundred pesos so this is the tannery 1200 cc next will be now yzf r1 for 1 million 99 they also come here this ardor yzf r1 stocks that they have they

Have in black so they have they’ll block yzf r1 and blue yzf r1 so crash price is 1 million 99 vessels downpayment of 270,000 monthly is 84 7 8 2 or 1 year in 24 months is 46 0 95 and 33 199 for three years and five hundred pesos rebate for early payments so this is the yzf r1 this is the tannery the other color that they have for henry super tannery 1200 cc

Again the price for this one is 849 thousand so for tannery yamaha so they have in gray black with blue rims on the tires are black and gray this is the xmax xmax 300cc is now 242,000 50,000 on payment and for one year is 1950 6011 564 two years and eight eight nine three four three years so this is the xmax 300 this one is the sr 400 400 cc for three hundred

Twenty-nine thousand so this is the sr 400 this is the yamaha x sr 700 cc so xs are seven hundred seven hundred forty-nine thousand cash 120 thousand down payment three six nine nine eight for one year twenty thousand to forty five for two years fourteen thousand six six one four three years so that’s the yamaha x s are 700 next on the side it’s the

Same bike yamaha xsr 700 same price 749 but it’s just in different color this one is the d-max sx six hundred six hundred forty nine thousand in cash so that tmax sx 600 special small bikes bw fifty or sixty nine thousand nine hundred pesos you can see how it’s short it is just look at the price span there and the bikes just almost level on the price time

But but are you it’s for kids who are in the shed stick to ride a bike a real bike something nothing but one more day limo chip both are ok so this is the new big bike is that the both are nine hundred fifty thousand six hundred nine hundred but this is the new big bike model the both are nine fifty is nine hundred fifty cc and i have to ask the price because this

One just arrived i was told underline of big bikes alas for the price and i’ll come back to the big bikes this is the xs are 700 that’s the real price for cash seven four hundred seventy nine thousand the downpayment is 120 thousand and that’s the monthly so this is the excess our 700cc this is the xs are 900cc but i don’t have the price for this because they

Can’t find it i’ll get back to you after here so this is the vault 950 cc vault are the cash price is five hundred sixty nine thousand and the down payment is 145 thousand for installment and it for you have it for one year is forty three thousand six hundred seven twenty four months is twenty three thousand eight twenty thirty six months is seventeen thousand

People for so that’s their latest here in yamaha showroom the both are 950 cc so this is the yamaha showroom here across robinson small this is the cheapest dealership for motorbikes around here and if you remember my suzuki motorbikes a lot have noticed that the price of this that dealership is cheaper because this is the dealer that is the cheapest here in

Cebu the do exam incorporated and they’re the biggest year biggest dealership here in cebu city as well so it’s right across robinson’s galleria cebu you

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Yamaha Big Bikes Update In The Philippines. By Village People Philippines