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Yamaha MT07 FZ 07 – Long term test. Should you buy one?

I’ve had my MT07 for 2 years so decided to give my thoughts on the bike.

Look i got my wire hanging out so the idea of today used to do a sort of long-term review of the mta seven front wheel does enough to come up so ever said it’s a 2016 version it’s with abs i’ve covered around about 18,000 miles i think my feet near enough anyway i’m about it about two years goodness the old biddy for all i need to get past these guys not mental so

Let’s start with the engine the 6 8 9 cc parallel twin it’s guy crossplane crater which means it sounds like this so lucky feet unreal isn’t it twin sound – it that’s all i think it’s got 74 horsepower at 9,000 rpm right certainly full point something another it’s got 68 newton meters of torque at six and a half thousand there’s a talky 50 the engine really

Is the star of the show it’s it’s so tractable it sounds amazing before all types of banks love it the brakes work oh i still wear the brakes didn’t carried away so it’s got twin disks up front 282 millimeter for pop calipers and the rear it’s got a two hundred forty five millimeter disc with a single pocket there’s not a great deal of feel from the front

You could probably solve that with some evc pads and perhaps braided hoses they’re a little bit wooden but it isn’t budget motorcycles so you know your bike that’s less than six and a half thousand pounds brand-new it’s not gonna have the best brakes in the world okay please fun name it is fun i’m just being sensible hi boy suspension so suspension is usual got

Folks at the front 130 middle monoshock at the rear the same 100 title travel non-adjustable at the front the rear has got preload adjustment and that’s right that’s it really but again you know it’s a budget bike you’re not going to get full √∂hlins on a bike in this price bracket you just not you could easily upgrade the suspension as i said it the front dives

Ahead of the line to breaking the rear isn’t terrible i’ve dialed my preload all the way up which then it stops just a bounce you only really start to show the issues when you start really pushing on and then you start to sort of fight it a little bit it’s a little bit vague in corners if you go if you enter a corner really quickly it kind of warlow’s a little

Bit the front’s or wiggles which isn’t amazing for confidence oh but once again this is a budget motorcycle do you have to remember that point you could easily upgrade your suspension on the bike there’s progressive springs you can put some heavier full coil in the forks where else would you put football there’s cartridge kits there’s plenty of rear shocks out

There a shot a decent one so say a knight ron they’re about four or five hundred pounds i think you know let’s say a grand you could really sort out suspension on this bike really really improve it and i do believe that the new version the 2018 model has had all those tweaks done to it already so it’s a lot different much improved and it’s still six thousand three

Hundred and something pounds on the road that’s just an absolute bargain he’s an absolute bargain if you wanted to get a secondhand one i think you’ll pick one up for about say this model probably two for four to five grand really you mean that’s a lot of bike for the money certainly when i passed my test fifteen years ago they didn’t have motorcycles like this it

Just didn’t exist and most you could hope for was a bandit or a hornet some in aisle and seat height that’s 805 millimeters i’m 5 foot 8 i get both my feet flat on the ground not a problem the seat is really comfortable i’ve been touring on this i’ve been to bruges i’ve taken the missus around the isle of wight with panties and top box you know it it handles

It all really well you can do pretty much everything list but you could even do a track-day on it it probably wouldn’t be the best on track to be honest but i haven’t done it i know people who have you can do it is what i’m trying to say i think yamma have got the looks too spot-on that’s a lovely aggressive looking little bike and it certainly matches that

Soundtrack once you get a full system on the game i think before the mt range came about yamaha were really in danger of sort of losing their way traffic you can filter on it squeeze in here feel what economy you’ve got a 14 litre tank with a 4 liter reserve i’m getting a runner up i get around about 160 miles out of a tank and even then i’ve still got probably

Two or three liters left i just don’t like chancing it i’ve had a few little niggles with rust and corrosion mainly on the swinging arm and the coolant pipes but those were replaced under warranty so it’s something that we emma are aware of and hopefully the new the newer model has has addressed those issues but time will tell really i’m gonna get myself a test

Ride on the new model because i wanna see see what the changes are i know they’ve changed the seating of seats wider i think the suspensions been improved in the style is just tweets enough they haven’t gone mad nothing is just enough in conclusion really it’s it’s a bloody fantastic fight you’ve got to remember the price point it’s it is so cheap he’s a lot of

Bite for your money and it’s so much fun it’s just a sort of bite then you get off it and you don’t realize you are grinning from ear to ear it almost makes you think do you need a thousand cc naked probably not probably not on the road no just buy one i say just buy one just go out and get you

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Yamaha MT07 FZ 07 – Long term test. Should you buy one? By EnglishBikerDan