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Yamaha MT09 2021 1st dyno test Akrapovic

1st dyno test on a stock MT09 for 2021, followed by a comparision with an Akrapovic full system installed.

Foreign so room so so so hello there i’m dave from dyno bike sitting underneath me is the brand new 2021 model yamaha mt-09 this model is euro 5 spec so there’s a few significant changes to the way this bike produces its power and to produce more horsepower they have increased the cc rating very slightly and it has helped it because it’s currently

Putting out 112 horsepower and i think the manufacturer claims 118 so there’s a bit for you guys to discuss amongst yourselves already i’ve just checked the overall speed of it it is still restricted to 110 or sorry 210 to 212 kilometers an hour which indicated on the dash here is is 128 kilometers an hour um and in a few minutes we’re going to put an aquaponic

Full system on it and then we’re going to measure the horsepower again and see how much it picks up and i think based on from what i can see of the euro 5 spec exhaust system i’m pretty certain we might find that it picks up quite a lot of horsepower but who knows i may be wrong so let’s go ahead and put that on it and then we’ll test it again and see what it’s

Putting out um we’re here oh so there you go so we’ve got a gain of about five horsepower five and a half horsepower on this one so far bear in mind we haven’t done any flash tuning work we haven’t put an air filter and we haven’t removed any restrictions that may be in the air box and don’t even know if there is any but it looks like there probably is

Some there um and all in all i think we’re off to a pretty good start with this one the gains are fairly good and linear right through the rev range power and torque with a little bit more time and some tuning work i’m sure we’ll see some bigger gains in what we’ve currently got so keep an eye on this channel in the future in the very near future we’ll have

Some more good stuff to report back on this new model also if you want to buy one of these exhausts you can go to our website i’ll pop link in just below and you can purchase an exhaust system to get you started keep an eye on that also because we will have some tunes available fairly soon once we’ve done our homework and in the meantime i’ll pop

These graphs up for you to have a look at you’ll see my both the horsepower and the tor curve give you something to think about for the near future thanks for watching i’m dave from dyno bike you

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Yamaha MT09 2021 1st dyno test Akrapovic By Dynobike1992