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Yamaha R3 – How to Remove Fuel Tank

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Okay so this video is about taking the gas tank off the motorcycle first thing i’m gonna do is put my motorcycle on these stands just on the rear wheel that’s that’s gonna be okay i’m gonna make my motorcycle so that the exhaust is facing outwards so when i do my tests when i run the motorcycle i don’t have to move it okay so now that we have our motorcycle on

Our rear stand we’re gonna start by removing the passenger seat just put your key in this lock and i’ll pop out then we will take this piece off with the two screws and then we will take the driver seat off these two screws are four millimeter allen keys once you remove the screws there is one tab on each side that you will have to press and release this piece

Be sure to keep the screws safe with your plastic piece so you don’t lose it next we need to remove these two bolts there are ten millimeter sockets once you take those two screws off that’s easy to just slide back and you should be able to take out once again remember to not lose your two screws the next step is removing these two side panels one on each side

They come off using these two screws and there are a four millimeter allen key when you undo the screws there are still these two grommets here in here or this these this projection and this projection go through so you should just be able to pull it out towards the left of the motorcycle in this case and right of the most likely on the other side it should be

Easy just paul don’t worry at this stage if you were doing an airflow to change i believe you would remove one two and three screws and take this panel off and i think that’s what the air filter is since we’re not doing that the next step in removing the fuel tank is taking this panel off and this panel off to do that take off this one screw second screw to both

Four millimeter allen keys and there are three little plastic clips like this one here one down there and the one here let’s do that for both sides and you should have this piece off this clip is a little bit of a pain in the ass so what i did was the screwdriver won’t fit so i just took a phillips bit and just went in there with my hand and took it out now that

We have our panel here and here removed we will remove the plastic fuel tank cover to do that you will remove this screw this screw those are both 8 millimeter sockets same on the other side and a 4 millimeter allen key screw here once you have the tank cover removed you can remove the fuel tank by removing one two three and four 10 millimeter socket bolts keep

In mind there are a lot of connections at the bottom so don’t pull the tank away quickly when you undo those bolts you will have to come back here and remove some connections ok once you have those four bolts removed it’s just a matter of disconnecting these few hoses here and you’d have your tank released from the bike you do not need to drain your tank it won’t

Leak so don’t worry about it just take the tank off and put it on the side once you’re ready to put the tank back take the tank from the side connect these hoses put the tank back on connect these four bolts then you can put the cover back on then these two side pieces on basically everything is in reverse order and the panel here and on the opposite side then the

Driver seat then this piece here the red piece and then your passenger seat and then you’re back to how you started so if you dislike the video you know what to do but if you liked it get subscribed if you want to see more videos like this i’ll be doing a quick shifter install i’ll be doing a front clip-on and i’ll be doing a reset installation as well

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Yamaha R3 – How to Remove Fuel Tank By FullThrottle099