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Yamaha R7 Impaktech Crash Cage Review *DROP TEST* 2021 & 2022

We installed our Impaktech Crash Cage on this brand new 2022 Yamaha R7

What’s up guys so we’re back at it again with another video so this time we’re going to kind of walk around the new yamaha r7 um impact was the first company to ever design a crash cage for the new r7 so i just kind of want to give you a little in-depth review about it so yeah check it out all right guys so the r7 impact at crash gauge is going to be a no-cut

Kit and you do not have to make any sort of modifications your brand new fairings uh there’s already a hole that yamaha provided down here the main mounting point also does not have any sort of fairings interfering with it so you can go ahead and install it no cut so the install is pretty straightforward we already did an install on the yamaha mt07 it’s going to

Be the exact same thing the frame carries along to the r7 so yeah if you guys want to know how to install this just go ahead and check out the mto7 install video we did and that should help you guys out no problem just like before as you can see i have a lot of room here my shin does not hit the cage at all my knee does not hit the cage at all i’m still able to

Shift no problem and same thing on the other side come over here i’m still able to apply my break no problem my does not hit my knee does not hit i have plenty of room and again guys we are the first company to go ahead and manufacture an r7 crash cage impact tech makes the best crash cages in the world 100 made in the usa backed up by a lifetime warranty and

This is the world’s first fully automated crash cage okay and the last thing we’re going to do is we’re just going to go ahead and lay the bike on the ground so you guys can see how much the impacts that crash range actually protects your investment so we’re just going to go ahead and slightly lay it down yeah you can see once it’s on the ground no fairings make

Contact with the ground your bike is fully protected and as you can see there is zero damage to the bike please if you have a brand new r7 or any other brand new bike go ahead visit our website get yourself a crash cage protect your investment these oem ferries are not cheap all right and if you guys want that extra protection please make sure

To check out our impact adjustable billet sub cage this is going to go on the rear section of the motorcycle and yeah this is just going to give you some extra protection on the tail side if for some reason you do get in the crash and it lands on your subframe this is going to be it to protect it it’s fully adjustable comes in a raw finish or in this beautiful

Anodized black and we also carry a couple other products for the r7 including our easy pull clutch lever some adjustable clip-ons so yeah feel free to check the website out for those things as well all right guys so that’s going to be it for the yamaha r7 if you guys have any questions please feel free to give us a ring email us visit our storefront here in

Riverside california we’ll make sure to put all the information somewhere here in the description down below and that’s going to be it get yourself an impact at crash hit to protect your investment you

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Yamaha R7 Impaktech Crash Cage Review *DROP TEST* 2021 & 2022 By Impaktech