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Yamaha Royal Star Deluxe Test Drive

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What up guys what up brothers shawna premiss our case cycle fee for 2008 yamaha royal star tour deluxe you know what i’m gonna solve this problem right now as i pull these things and then i just looked up bam solved it now that’s a good-looking bike all right let’s take this thing for a spin i’m pumped i love these bikes these things sell really fast for us too i’m

Going to show you something you have not seen before unless you’ve watched my videos maybe seen i don’t know all right guys where’s the wisdom proverbs 3 6 and all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight amen so if your is your first whatever its if you’ve never heard about this bike it’s a yamaha royal star and it is one of the smallest a

Displacement biggest bikes out there and it’s awesome it’s amazing machine and one of the reasons why it’s so great is it’s got a v4 in it now i know you’re thinking you’re like before what let me show you let me show you with this very expensive and computerized graphic animated graphic animation graph going on show you once we stop the v4 it’s like this i got

It v4 there you go v 4 v 4 and it packs first of all first of all i hate myself that when we had this bike it was 7500 miles exact and now i had to run it over right i don’t know i like i’m that guy i am that guy that like oh my car runs over like 250 you know to 5000 zeroes i’m like you have a picture of that it’s like a little birthday yo shut up shut up you

Know you’re dumb that’s good it’s like a little birthday for the car you know i mean it happens once and listen i know i’m never it’s like it’s like when your wife is taking pictures of like the sunset and you’re like are you ever gonna look at those pictures or do anything with them and she’s not but it’s the same thing but maybe i’ll look back in like oh i hate

That was the date that that car run over i don’t know okay the v4 these things have great power great low-end torque i will show you all of that right up here i just and they’re smooth they’re incredibly smooth but they still have a little bit of it’s not as smooth it’s like a flat for like we’re like a flat six early in in lines eileen nine four or like a flat six

Like a gold wing or or a sport bike it’s got that little bit of rumble but man i love these things you know i like this bike a million times more since i took off that windshield i went on a ride with my dad the other day super super hot and for some dumb reason i took a i took to fall cairo and listen allah when you could have this when you can have an open bike

Like this why would you take a full fairing bike that stops all the wind from hitting you it was who the fun ride but still i wasn’t i wish i had some more air hitting me another cool thing about this bike she see that right there you see it right there cruise control right let’s get on it a little bit let’s show them what were made of all right all right hold up

It moves and it’s smooth and i love these handlebars i love these you know like they’re wide they’re like beach cruiser style you know what i mean i could definitely see myself taking a bike like this on a big trip you got the bags this is like this is like the yamaha road king but dare i say in some ways it’s more road king than the road kings it’s got the lowers

And these lowers also like double was like the like using like the intakes i think now i did a little bit of research because if you all if y’all remember there’s another very famous yamaha v4 hold up let me bust out that diagram again hold up there’s another very famous yamaha v4 and that is with the yamaha v-max and that’s a bad bike i have i’ve only ever had

The old ones and it we’re okay but the new ones are supposed to be crazy power i can’t wait to get one that’s a bad mutter so i start i did a little bit like five minutes of research more research than maybe you did unless you did more research than let me know the but they were saying that some of these parts are actually interchangeable some of the guys were like

Hey can i put can i put v-max heads on my royal stuff there’s actually some people who’ve done swaps and they put the v-max motor in the royal start and i was like that’s pretty cool so there’s actually more similarities to those engines and then maybe what i originally thought i don’t know how far it goes i’m not trying to do a swap cuz i don’t got time and while

You know i just this bike has good you know i’m happy i’m head with the power i’m one of a fast bike i’d go get a fast bike but this thing runs really good it’s got overdrive it’s got cruise it looks good hydraulic clutch i like this i like this is all real sleek styling and stuff like that and i feel like they just they just kill it by putting that windshield on

But they save you by making the windshield quick detach i mean that was quick you saw him that’s through a through a through the weeds now i got to make sure i take that off and put it back on before it gets run over by the lawn mower harley does the same thing hardly makes her wind chills real nice and easy and quick detach i love that i think that’s a super cool

Thing that they do now the only thing in some people’s opinion that this bike might be missing is a radio but you know what if you want on if you want a radio and you want an upper fairing just get the the venture just get the royal star toward deluxe venture the longest motorcycle name ever it’s like when you marry that girl and her mom and her mom before that

Have all been sticking their maiden names in between their other names it’s like oh your name is mary stole food and a pass martin like 300 names that’s kind of what they did here they’re like yeah there’s this i keep on adding more names on there there was a sticker that was right there that looks like they it partially came off if we get a chance we’ll finish

It we’ll take it off the rest of the way guys this bikes just awesome it’s a sweet bike it’s weighing in a little lesson 800 pounds which i don’t think feels heavy but whatever what else i think it handles well the floorboards or are high enough that they don’t get they really don’t get close i have not drugged these floorboards yet this really is a great bike

It does have a other and it’s got a dent it’s kind of dent on the it’s more than a dad it’s not it’s got a little dent on the front fender other than that thing’s an amazing shape and i love the way that v4 pools it’s got a good sound you can tell that while i’m riding you hear you don’t hear the exhaust you hear the you’re hearing more of the wind and my horrible

Voice but when you get on it you can hear that ooh made it you made it alright guys that wraps up the test-drive guys if you’re looking if you have one of these bikes if you have any bike and you’re looking to tie it you’re looking to the transport it do what the prepared guys do get yourself a nice set of tank straps look in the description below it’s a product

That we’ve been using for the past i don’t know two or three years we’ve never had to replace them when we use them way more than you probably will unless your motorcycle transporter they are the best straps out there and you can buy them right now for sale on amazon alright guys also you can find them on our website bikes and beards gave it just fine on amazon

It’s easier your cards probably already in there and stuff like that alright guys that wraps it up remember don’t forget to subscribe and remember it’s not what you’re riding but where you’re going this guy drives down here faster than i do he’s crazy remember it’s not what you’re riding but where are you going we’ll see you guys later what’s up guys showing in

From srk cycles and thanks for watching the video click here to subscribe click here to see more content and as always clicking this check out the description box to see our latest inventory and our killer deals to see how to win a free motorcycle and also to see our latest uh bike some beards here we’ll see you guys later remember it’s not what you’re riding but where are you going

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