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Yamaha Tenere 250R – Yamaha Australia Experimental Project Bike

Andrew Clubb, well known Australian motorcycle personality, journalist and publisher and ‘Tenere Tragic’ takes Yamaha Australia’s experimental project bike the Yamaha Tenere 250R for a test ride to see how it performs.

Motorcycle adventure dirt bike tv is proudly supported by adventure spec in england rally raid products giant loop in the united states adventure moto adventure rider magazine in australia so it’s a change of pace this week for the captain believe it or not the 700 i’ve parked it up left it in the shed at home and i’ve got another 10 or 8. 250r this one from

Yamaha it’s a special promotional bike that they’ve built up a project bike taken the wr 250r their awesome little four-stroke trail bike that’s been around for about a decade now and dressed it up with some adventure friendly bolt-on parts um and we’ve got a plan this week to head up to the upper hunter on a two-day overnight ride on the little 250 and just see

How it tackles the world of adventure it’ll be like i said a change of pace but one i’m looking forward to so so the theory with yamaha in building this bike is just bolt-on products to give customers some inspiration ideas of how to make the wr-150r into an adventure bike and the obvious components that have come onto this bike this particular one

Safari tanks 14 liter fuel tank that doubles almost doubles the range of the standard tank which is then matched with a fairing also by safari tanks the bolts to their tank it’s free of the frame of the bike but gives you a lot more wind protection for adventure touring underneath my luggage load at the back they’ve also fitted a skags alloy luggage plate at the

Back you’ll see that there’s a gytr alloy bash plate for extra protection of the engine cases water pump etc dunlop d606 rubber fitted up still a street legal road legal tyre but a lot more aggressive tread pattern great in the dirt and the other mod yamaha fits are the bark busters good old aussie made vps bark busters for more protection of your fingers and

The controls and then for me for the for this right away i’ve got the usual luggage load so mojave yep in brilliant stunning pearlescent white of course from giant loop saddle bags matching fandango tank bag and then i’ve been on to uh indurastan another brand from europe another uh tornado this one’s called roll up dry bag just for my my shoes my drinking pants

My smoking jacket we’re predicting a big night tonight at the nundell pub it’s got girlies in it yeah it should be all right so what do they say about good things in small packages and this is it living proof isn’t it now it’s a 10 year old design the wr250 are older even isn’t 08 it came out first and uh i’ve actually owned one of these before in very similar

Specification to this as an adventure bike set up with the big tank the fairing luggage bash plate uh that particular bike had some suspension boosting as well and the thing i love about it it’s not the fastest bike to get anywhere obviously but it is one of the funnest if that’s the word bikes to ride anywhere and the thing about it is you just you never get

Into trouble and even if you do almost get into trouble it’s never very big trouble it’s only tiny trouble it’s not like you’re battling a big twin cylinder multi you’re scooting off corners overshooting worried about greasy downhills it’s just light right easy to ride and it’s proved it today it’s done everything we started off on the highway went on the tar

Back roads went on the gravel back roads came up through glenrock and and barry stations the 20 creek crossings up through all the grease there after all this rain today to come up here to hanging rock and we’ll stay at number tonight and it’s just done it all and i’ve got a big smile on my face i’m not beat up no issues with anything and all i want to do is get

To the digs tonight off to the pub and then get back on it and do it all again tomorrow and no there won’t be any grief any drama and the harder i rivet the faster it’ll go and that’s what we’ve been saying all day and it does love to rid look at this he’s got his bike in front of us machine a coffee donut store numbered look at this cubby it’s misty what’s

Going on it’s getting a bit fresh diana just looking up here on the trusty old sumo and it’s telling me 1 357 meters so i think that might explain why it’s a bit fresh and cold and misty up here you

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