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Yamaha TW200 | Long Distance Tdub

125 miles on the Yamaha TW200 feels like 500 miles, especially when you throw in a black diamond or two along the way! It’s a buzzy little beast, but has zero problem putting the work in, whether that be trails, fire roads, back streets, or the occasional highway.

So what’s on the menu for today corona – cleghorne rich from cleghorne rich i’m going to connect to a little highway action from there i’m gonna try to hit pilots rock from pilate rock i’m gonna drop down into miller canyon from miller canyon i think i’m gonna try to hit something called valley of the moon which i’ve never been on before and hopefully that leads

Me out into the hood of san bernardino and street it on back from there see if it all plays out and the dots connect as planned let’s see in about 0.6 miles i’m going to be connecting with route 66 the old historic route 66 i go region for six here didn’t see the big 66 on the hill shoes haven’t been here since it’s been a while i had a feeling there might

Be some water crossings puddles crossings and over-exaggerated nick it’s roads like this trails like this with a lot of blind switchbacks that really make me appreciate riding by myself and not having to pay someone or worry about i’m riding too slow for someone else i’ve had quite a few emails and requests to go riding with people that i don’t know but i’m always

Apprehensive for that reason so that’s a huge part of the ride is finding a riding buddy that is on the same page as you are or that doesn’t mind slowing it down ten notches and just enjoying it there’s no trophy at the end besides a cold bird we’re seven snow hanging on for dear life tore up let’s get back in this hole here you know the dip is so extreme in the

Whoops are so close to each other at the dig outs and it’s like you’re you’re laying across it you know you’re like hyperextending so you almost have to go in a weaved room of the center oh yeah you see that’s exactly what i’m talking about well let’s just go up over this way this stuff is soft ooh still got a long way to go so i’m not trying to be a tough guy

Here plus on the loan obviously this one looks like up the middle to the right oh no down in there that is beaut beaut amiss snow-covered peaks to this side lush forests to this side bodies water down there beautiful t-dub awesome subscribers the time has come gasps see those popped up this morning in the garage they were 22 and the elevation popped them up to

25 it’s way too much 18 on the money 17-point flavor is good alright alright let’s get up now that rear is off camber like you my arms are are wasted it’s 90 degrees out here now and and stuff is getting gnarlier no earlier by the minute there’s no way i was going over that my arms are gumby right now got tired fast which is dangerous got

Into the mid-90s there for a second cooled down a little bit 87 i’m gonna find a spot up here before i jump on the highway just take a good 20-minute rest and eat a pop-tart pound a bottle of water should be good to go but i’m so used to the nice neutral you know 60 70 degree desert weather for the past six months that the first above 90 day here and i’m feeling

It i know it starts happening especially when the bike starts controlling me and i know i’m getting a little wheesh the sand is so bright the reflectivity that it basically gives you snow blindness if you don’t have shades on or something tinted in front of your eyeballs she is the road roads of colin murders in the rue morgue boy that cast me let me tell you

Fighting the bike and picking it up being on an incline take it out of here but worth every single struggle of it it’s healthy taking a good ass-kicking like that every now and again it puts things into perspective and ultimately makes you a better writer the way that is sheer drop off there straight down reminds me of arizona oh man i could just lay in that

Hey is this a smelter canyon you yeah check him out he’s cruising across the other side that’s a fatty look at this just a live up here unfortunately my camera died so i wasn’t able to capture my great escape out of the san bernardino mountains but everything went as planned for the most part it ended up dumping me in pretty deep

San bernardino in a pretty shady area to be honest but overall it was about a hundred and 25 miles of pure good time thank you so much for watching please like share and subscribe and i’ll see you on the next one that’s a wrap you

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Yamaha TW200 | Long Distance Tdub By Till Death Dual Us Sport