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Yamaha XJ600S Diversion Test Ride

So today I’m out on a Yamaha XJ600S Diversion Test Ride, as I’ve been looking for a lightweight winter bike, so far I’m quite pleased with the results.

Hello youtubers are you bloody dead lynn no today howie are mostly be tess riding a yamaha xj 600 diversion stainless steel pipes or pipe headers subtly quite comfortable ride it’s a little bit forward leaning for me i think i’m gonna take a little bit of getting used to when i’m after a winter ride it’s the right price and i yeah i’ll tell you what is in bloody

Good neck it is it says green on the logbook but then look blue to me but then i’m call up line itself hey who knows so let’s take it for a spin and see how it feels i don’t have proof for a minute huge great mirrors well but what are you supposed to do with that for the year very low mileage it’s a 1992 i only done 21,000 miles and it’s a it’s not a bad note from

The from the exhaust actually it’s not loud my only means but it sir hey it’s better than i heard on some so anyway i’m after a winter baalak then i thought i might give something like this ago see out see how it fares bit of a clunky of course i’ve got to get used to riding this sort of a physician whoa fronting this garter def i think whoa whoa whoa whoa steady

On man yeah did a rattling from the the carolyn perron bit confusing when you get something like that isn’t it you’ve got to do it to it well that’s been laurie in front of you and it’s just flashing it’s long it’s from one side to the other yeah but the the overall balance of the bike feels good but then again why shouldn’t it when you consider what this is you

Know got some right up my ass well i’ll have to ask in the comments please if you’ve ridden one of these dog versions before what’s the average sort of say you doing 50 mile an hour what’s the average rpm you should be doing i don’t know just me i’m not used to doing after ride their cruiser for a couple of three years probably longer which is a lot longer actually

2008 so after riding cruisers since 2008 a 50 mile an hour i’m still chugging along so this does seem rather roll seems a bit strange okay what i mean if nick something goes well enough not too bad at all room it’s a yeah well balanced they within under keep on looking for that next gear all the time and i think the worrying thing for me more than anything is i’m

Still looking for that next gear around a 50 mile an hour you know and that’s sad i don’t think that’s the bike it’s just me i’m not doing 50 i’m not used to doing 50 mile an hour at 4000 rpm quite fun maybe so i know where what you aren’t there with have these and they’ve all got them opinions please say it’s very very tidy nice condition ugly-ass mirrors think

There’s a little bit of slack needs taking apart of the accelerator for me and the back brake maybe wants a bit of work but then again i’m not looking for a permanent bike i’m looking for someone to ride for the winter you know i mean generally this is a warmer position to ride in compared to a cruiser daft as it seems i’m going to try this on there yeah not too

Bad so anyway people thanks for watching have fun most importantly ride safe but you

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Yamaha XJ600S Diversion Test Ride By Skeggy Cruiser