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Yamaha XT600 – 1997 Yamaha xt600 review – short ride Yamaha xt600e – Yamaha xt 600 to speed- Review

Yamaha XT600 – 1997 Yamaha xt600 review – short ride Yamaha xt600e – Yamaha xt 600 to speed- Review

Hello and welcome to retro buy stuff and today we’re looking at a yamaha xt600 double overhead cam carburetor um i think it’s around 46 brake horsepower 45 brake horsepower so it might be eligible for a2 license as well it’s a 1988 model and they came in white and red uh black and red and blue and white i believe is the colors they came in and it didn’t didn’t

Go and say for too long it’s a front disc and everything’s on it only eighteen thousand kilometers it’s very good condition it has been written there’s nothing false about it and like i said is in very good original condition so starting from the front we have tires during good nick as well we have throat mud guards in good condition no real marks to make

Note of a bit of peeling on the front sticker here on the yamaha the front headlamp but that’s nothing major i mean you can get another front sticker for five but again like i said it’s all original original indicators original yamaha uh handguards original yeah gators on her in red we still have the original red plastic uh disc cover stop rocks coming up and

Hitting the disc alloys in nice condition as well at the front here as you can see bash bar here good condition underneath i usually show and it’s had a little bit of a ding actually that’s factory uh small little things nothing major and sorry in the background starting up a bike tank at the top then there’s a metal tank good condition some very minor little

Imperfections here at the top of the tank a single key 18 000 kilometers like i said all the kind of um all the kind of uh instrument uh text here is in nice condition easy to see i believe they’re the original mirrors as well on it i might be wrong there though um what else there is also if i come back into the side here it’s a import spanish bike and let me

See there it is there it’s hot it’s what it’s known as a you know it’s an nct over there but we’re over here we don’t have an nct for bikes but it’s pass it’s nct let’s say four or mot if you’re looking in england or vehicle inspection in america um for the year of 2021 little uh tear and seat here and here yamaha original seat though like i said all original

Very hard to get like this not messed the engine is actually in lovely condition here on the right hand side here yeah kickstart and have on the left hand side here rear disc as well left right hand side plastics good exhaust at the back very nice 88 plate rear brake light and re-brake light mudguard and indicators all original it has the original um tool kit

Holder here but no tool present and chain guard here really nice condition and then again the alloy good condition as well side stand only as you as you would guess on a lot of these kind of off-road bikes again engine is in good condition rubbing from the boot here that’s all on this side seat on this side’s in really nice condition up over the top then we have

The tank itself left hand side really really good here that’s it so if you have liked the video up until now a like uh will be greatly appreciated also if you could subscribe and comment down below what you think of the xd 600 before we go on to the ride long video that we’ll cut into now okay so we’re on the uh xt 600 here and basically it’s kick-start only

But choke here on the left-hand side make sure your fuel is on make sure your ignition is on and then you have a kick-start on the right-hand side here edge kick took me two kicks which is actually pretty good and i think as well this bike uh i only really appreciate it once we came in we saw we bought it i said that’s a nice strong bike um but really it’s

So nice to have something in this kind of uh you know non-messed with condition it really stays the bike there’s a bit of character to it it’s not something that’s too mint that you don’t want to drive it and it looks great uh i mean people are going to definitely be complimenting uh you on the bike you’re really really cool uh kind of enduro bike and ride’s

Really really nice it’s super quiet engine is it feels like it’s brand new and it’s like it’s really been well kept after it and you can hear it in the just how quiet it is if you just saw i’ll just stay quiet for a moment i mean that’s that idol now it’s you know one and a half thousand revs no clunkiness at all and then all that power really really nice bike

I i really uh i do think that the person who comes to to buy this thing will be exceptionally happy i mean it’s so comfortable super easy to ride i believe it’s somewhat a2 applicable so if you’re doing your a2 license then you could drive this no problem it’s a really do anything go anywhere bike uh gearbox seems really silky smooth super super nice bike and

You sit up nice and tall here but not too tall i mean uh we’ll come back into it at the back where i’ll show you kind of a what you can expect height wise that front brake seems really good as well super super nice little thing mirrors are like if you look at this as well as a big single uh you know the engine wise usually they’re really clattery and uh

Kind of harsh but you look at the mirrors no vibration in those mirrors really for a big 600 like this a single cylinder bike that’s very very impressive just to see how smooth the bike is and that’s really really nice i’m a big big fan of this bike really really nice i mean i rode the xt the newer version 97 1997 600e i think the electric start version um

And that was a nice bike but this is i think just has a bit more charm to us i kind of got that 80s feel off us late 80s early 90s when the best bikes in the world were made feel often but anyway if you haven’t made it this far in the video i think a like and a comment as well as the subscription will be greatly appreciated you’ve obviously made it this far

So you’re liking the video so if you subscribe that will be really greatly appreciated we’re just up and over uh three and a half thousand subscriptions as uh as we speak on this on this video here so anyway we’re gonna turn left we’re gonna go to set down point where we go over kind of indicators and a few other bits and bobs on the bike and we had to see

What she’s like on the road sitting on the road as a lovely lovely day first sun is beaming just coming up to the june bank holiday uh monday here in 2021 so we just set the bike down here might actually uh just move her up slightly and there we go put the sides on and let’s go through the indicators all right left indicator front working nicely rear as well

Working nicely on the right end as well working very well and same with the front so let me see lights and we want the lights on that’s low beam low beam and high beam working as well and everything else all good on the bike so that’s it for the xt600 hold on while i just get a uh turn off this indicator take off my glove and get a picture of it wow i mean

How cool is that really really nice looking bike really like the black and red color scheme i think they came in the blue and black as well and blue and white there we have it that’s what you guys will be clicking on that’s in it for the xt600 quick review ride long if you haven’t made it this far like i said like and uh subscribe would be greatly appreciated

Also comment down below what you think of these xt600s and finally if you do want to reach out to us on our youtube or on our socials they are at retro bikes dublin for facebook and instagram as well as our official website being thanks for watching you

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Yamaha XT600 – 1997 Yamaha xt600 review – short ride Yamaha xt600e – Yamaha xt 600 to speed- Review By Retro Bikes Dublin