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YAMAHA XV 1900 STRATOLINER |Review en Espaol con Blitz


He did little to competition harley most powerful or the most he did well in his own way this by developing an engine of equal basically an engine rods or yamaha obviously by his love of art 4-valve engine and unlike harley engine it does not vibrate here we see a very large where passes the system is a similar system liquid employed however here he decided to use all use

Of also an aluminum frame japanese technology in this engine fact that we can see in calls high displacement as 600 hours i better compression engine and we have a separated into two sections poster there is a section that is not gasoline but is divided into two part roof is removed and here we also have pump gasoline pump if you have japanese technology but we also have

An oil cooler it is very powerful but like the harley have more torque than power remember a meeting has 120 stasi 266 obviously to move the size these bikes for what he has done to understand much much because to do so the engine does not cost you absolutely nothing to that for the road very particular special it does not sound like a harley and interesting about this is

That it does not vibrate as great father because he is very we can give many details that are however we can see details compete with the most expensive harley is only these are the same but already an injection engine seems pensions have front bars however conventional font 46 obviously by the size of the set double disc in the front are piston calipers are very powerful

And disk is 296,000 meters but in this we have a 130 7018 is a rim it is large enough and large enough to lela 18 is normally on a motorbike we want to be more comfortable in is a cross but as long as we put the windshield and everything it takes him and the interesting thing about this bike that he you can remove and leave and we become more or less a baguette and if we

Take the saddlebags all either and it comes in the mine because because when this is not wanting moto yamaha a lot of high quality and not too only design details i do not have the design of the bike it really is very caring and makes the only bike we’ve seen in the channel that brings the disc back more i want to see your lords board as it on the gas tank 220 kilometers per

Hour and a revolution counter and one of and it is now nothing more or have the time and the odometer do not all those who motorcycles or at least is the olympic we we have a hydraulic clutch lords and pineapple is left entirely level right across the pineapple we also have the same style emergency and headlights auxiliaries and the march was something appear to be very high

Quality and i think it really the lawyers in this odometer and he climbed 1 and 3 2 if motorcycle is a bit like transform but you can remove forces need the key driver to remove and harley street as some find seat height have a height we consider direct competition with it would or some harley and more engine and the interesting thing is also that we have chrome everywhere

Sport bike with chrome frame that it’s silly because only adds more chrome or sometimes even a harley so if you can chromed metal fittings taken hence there chromed or in this case very good quality and the tank is 17 liters although is gigantic least 30 cubic centimeters for to feed this huge 900 thousand the bike quite interesting because he lowered his arms all intended

The seat is very comfortable this type of motorcycle that has a torque indicated and we will give new power woman and two states extra glue so we’ve gone reach see here that if we think cause these deaths begun giving on july 12 palms racing weight better for the curves but interest japanese is that valuable sales let’s designed for that type of they make things work in

Although all are being a little tilt limit itself to well that’s something we have and repeating each motorcycle and would be more or less aware of what so fast you can get this also they are not many in this type of bikes but why why not say also it has much to do with the engine construction not only it is a matter of multiple factors avoiding that are high we have a lot

More because i meet and much more power less power but for every purpose each motorcycle this is very easy to get off the problem of these motorcycles and would be if parking is down as in this case obviously endowments ay driving requiring such motorcycles since it would be very difficult and we remember the river roda clay that is equal to not let more more larger and

More expensive this is something that is say that is lighter and in really they did not see anything and that it is the weight but in general all these bikes are so heavy it brings models like yes but yes if you are looking for you finished by the type of components the technology applied to the idea transformers would take away it is laid aside it took forgings i like to

Have a lot of versatility the quality of materials is good and the back is awesome it is very, very large he is the owner of the motorcycle i tell us see what more you rather large displacement does not ask for truth nothing like anyone in there’s nothing more complicated question is of banter know how to park it how as for the gasoline consumption more or much less consume

30 percent more it is not not too things and is 17 liter are as much it’s what i’ve taken the account and they coming as the see your channel as a greeting leave the comments that you think motorcycle

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YAMAHA XV 1900 STRATOLINER |Review en EspaƱol con Blitz By Blitz Rider Todo sobre Motos