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Doing an oil change on my Bolt, using Castrol 05/40 full synthetic and a K&N oil filter. Looking at a new air filter or maybe a new type of filter, also got tyres comingt soon so hope it will fix the steering shake,,,

Wow unbelievably hot geez temperatures unreal had thunderstorms the past two nights and yet yeah it’s beautiful out here anyway ktm has been having a weir rest it passed me well and i’ve been using the bolt for it for since 2014 5000 k’s never use it it was for my wife she never used it much hardly anything and the reason i didn’t use it was because it was

Uncomfortable until i put these springs on it oh absolutely brilliant and i’ve got it set up one click as you can see just one click and that’s enough for me um i’ve got this bag as well at amx super store tied on how you doing and i’ll do i can use it for going to work or going anywhere nothing to the shop to get shopping plenty room to put in that so

I’ve got a few other things that i want to do one thing is the tires these are the original tires they came with the bike the the bridge stone there’s nothing wrong with bridgestone tires there’s a rule there’s still a lot of weird left in them but to be honest with you the you know everybody that has this steering shake when you’re writing about 70 kilometers

An hour um i get it as well and i’ve got the funny feeling that’s these tires and the reason being you see the shape of this trade is like that when i slow right then i’m coming there stop you can feel the fuel going like that it’s like it’s in time without trade it might be my imagination but i think the tires are playing the biggest problem so i’ve got

A new set of tyres pirelli cruise deck was it pirelli cruise was it pirelli or metzler metzler cruise steak can you remember anyway i’ve got a set of them the loot good tires got really good reviews on them the grip is supposed to be second to none and wet weather and as many you know i ride every day the week well every day that i’m going to work always right

And i usually use my trusty atm and which i’ll still be using for work most of the time especially when the weather’s crap because that thing abs and everything is fantastic this bolt doesn’t have abs because it’s 2014 type so i’m gonna update the tires i’ve got them in order so when they come up put them on um i’ve already got the led lighting i don’t know

If i like this windshield on them or whether they’re just taking it off the the good thing about it is it stops your body if you get in the wind but the wind sort of hits you here just below your helmet so i don’t know whether i’m better getting that and protecting my body or just doing away with the whole thing and the other thing i want to get for it is led

Indicators get rid of these cumbersome things and then that’ll be all led after that the mirrors are good but they could do we’re going out a wee bit so maybe a couple of these extensions um the same ones that i put on the ktm you know it just sticks it may be an inch and a half couple inches switch because you’ll be enough to see see past um another thing is

This i don’t know you might be able to tell me the the speedometer is terrible you know in the sunlight and i see you can buy the visors but even still is pretty crap i’m just wondering if you can change your glass so this because it’s like a smoked glass i don’t know if you can change it for a clear one or i’ve seen these other speedos the the corso ones but

The really expensive and but yeah i’ll see about that later on so there’s a lot i want to do as soon as i can fix it up for myself my wife who doesn’t ride that much um still wants to ride so i’m thinking about getting something different for her maybe honda rebel 500 big enough for her really it’s got her fuel license but um it’s just doesn’t like too big a

Bike the only good thing about the the 1100 cmx the rebel as it’s automatic which would be a lot easier for her to ride but i’ll see i’ll take her down to the bike shop at some point and let’s sit on one of these rebels take one for a spin and see how she fancies it um and yeah so anyway what i’m going to do with this today let’s do a oil change i’ve done one

Before on this but because it doesn’t get used on an awful lot what i’m going to do is use a fully synthetic so i’m going to put the the 540 philly synthetic race nylon along with k n oil filter k n 204 and the reason i like using k n is because it’s got a nut on the end of the the thing so you can screw off your spanner if it’s really really tight you know

These these old oil filters that you get that don’t have that and that sometimes they go tight and you can’t get them off and i don’t like putting a screwdriver through the oil filter it doesn’t do any good so and here’s shocks that came off the bike yeah i’m glad they’re off horrible bloody things uncomfortable anyway i’m going to get my tools ready and we’ll

Do this oil change on the bolt so i’m under the yamaha bullet present so what you need to drain the oil is your pan and your bolt when the sump is a 17 and the oil filter one is a 17 as well anyway get a 17 span of socket get it on give it a good drink like that this is going to be hot so another street so watch your fingers as it is keep pushing it up

As you turn it that’s very hot and then just let my fingers cool for a second and then when you feel it’s going to come out just pull it away stick it out there and let your oil drain now the good thing about this is oil still golden which is good um because it’s nearly two years ago i last changed it but it’s hardly done any miles so but you’ve got to change

It i mean you know the different weather conditions hot cold you’re better changing it and a good thing about the bowl is if you get the sump drained it completely absolutely completely an oil filter off it takes around the four layers i’ll take the whole of the four liter tin which is good so i’ll just let this drain i’ll let it drain for a while and while it’s

Doing well that looking at doing the oil filter so this is our oils draining and we’re slicing off the oil filter you just need to pull the the oil bath forward a wee bit as it catches the there you go and then what i do one of a copper leave it sitting for an hour let it all drain it properly and then you know all the shuts out the engine so another new

Oil filter get read the oil just rub it in the rubber ring so the rubber slides on the mating surface and then give the mating surface a clean this clap over says it’s spotless and then screw your oil filter on now now the filter’s almost supposed to go hand tight straight as you can get it behind because of the position of this it’s not easy to get your hand

In so we’ll use the ratchet just give it away to what i think would be um and then once that’s done um take your pan out and put your sump bolt back and give it a good clean first put it back in and then you’re ready to put the oil in the bike the oil is drained at the sump the filters change new filters on once you put the bolt into something give it a clean

Up and get your dip stick out your dipstick has your marks on it so there’s a minimum mark that should be it there’s a maximum mark i always try and have it up to the maximum um and it should go between oil changes without having to top it up anyway this engine is pretty simple um because every change the oil without changing oil filter it takes about 3.6 liters

Or 3.7 if you change oil filter it takes exactly 4 liters and when you buy this stuff it’s exactly four liters so you just put the whole can and you don’t have to worry um unless you don’t change your oil filter but for the price of an oil filter why on earth would you want to change oil without changing a filter so always change the filter so anyway four liters

There we go andy wins getting up i think there’s another thunderstorm coming in so that’s all the oil in all four layers which means you can use this can to put your old oil in and then once you have a can full of old oil you can take it to your nearest waste refuse you will gladly take the old engine oil off here and it will be put to good juice don’t throw

It in your bin or pour it down or drain because you could end up going to bloody jail for that sort of thing so once that’s done put your dipstick back in start it up run it for a minute and switch it off let it sit for a minute and check your dip stick although it’ll be okay now to do the oil you need the bike sitting level um so i’ve got a battery sitting

Under my my foot stand just throws a bike sitting dead level and it makes it easier for changing and for topping up the oil as you’d see when it’s draining out you want it lying on its side so as it gets all oily but for this yeah sitting on something will help anyway we’ll start it up and see how it does so he’s doing this side just stealing up a wee bit you

Know i start oil lights went out anyway which is a good thing listen to that is that awesome yeah that’s del kovic exhaust and as you can see i don’t know if you’ll see it enough i’ve still got the baffle in it you take the bath out it makes a hell of a lot more noise but to me it’s just nice with the baffle in it so i’ll just leave it at that so let the bike

Sit for a minute take a dip stick it roll back the fuel mark which is ideal if it’s a wee bit over it doesn’t matter it’ll be fine um and then that’s actually the oil change i’ve got the air filter to change i’ve undecided what i’m going to do with it um do i keep the stock air filter on do i put a k n filter in it which is what i was thinking of doing or do i get

Rid of the hole with this and buy something a bit less true or truth jesus christ obtrusive um how do i modify this i don’t know i really don’t know what to do what do you think what do you think i should do they just put a k n in it or change the whole thing um i don’t know we’ll see what happens i’ll probably be in the next video although i’ll probably

Have the tires before they and they should come monday or tuesday and then i’ll get these bridge stones off and get the new what did i say metzler cruise tech yeah i’ll get them one see what it’s like anyway that’s it for now that’s the bolt done oil change so be able to use it for work um and who knows i might have another bike lined up here soon what will it be though

Transcribed from video