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YAMAHA YZF-R3 | First Ride and Honest Review

Most SURPRISING review I’ve done yet. We take the YZF-R3 onto the highway and into the mountains to see what it has to offer!

Have you ever placed judgment on someone or something that you’ve never had any real first-hand experience with yeah me either in all seriousness there was a time where i was guilty of placing a judgment on these smallest placement bikes and the people that wrote them i thought they were underpowered no fun to ride and today i’d like to give this r3 a chance to

Change my mind before we throw a leg over this bike let’s talk about the design it’s definitely marketed as a track bike and when you look at the design it’s definitely reminiscent of the r1 the r6 you can tell by this kind of shrouded headlight design kind of bookending this air inlet that’s pulling the air into the radiator to keep things cool this detail here

Is almost directly pulled from the yamaha r1 uh same as this triple clamp detail these kind of cutouts here are very reminiscent of what we see on the r1 and it’s powered by a 321 cc four four-stroke twin cylinder engine that puts out about 40 horsepower with the top speed of 110 miles per hour with a six-speed gearbox and all of this comes in at about 5400 this

Particular bike has abs add another three or four hundred dollars for that feature you are on the road for about six thousand dollars which you know in today’s market isn’t bad for a brand new bike they continue on this race inspired detail you see this front fairing here is definitely reminiscent of what you see on the r6 and the r1 and it’s really nicely designed

Actually this isn’t your classic ninja 400 that looked like it was from the 80s because well i guess it was you’ve got a lightweight steel frame a fairly aggressive riding position you have a one-up seat so you could ride somebody in the back if you really felt compelled it’s chain drive and you know if i’m being honest it looks like it’s a mini sport bike uh one

Thing that’s kind of funny is that these are the same mirrors or the same side indicators that we find on some of the older mt07s and fc07s and good for yamaha for reusing certain parts to keep the cost of this bike down so the first serious question that needs to be answered is can this bike safely manage highway speeds and to answer this question we’ll need to find

A highway and what better highway than the infamous six-lane 405 but a couple things before we get on to the highway is that the ergonomics are interesting so it’s definitely a a lower bike i’m able to put both feet on the ground i stand at about five nine and the feet position the foot the peg position is actually pretty tucked i mean it is kind of sport inspired

Right and it feels like that you kind of sit and really sit up inside the bike and really hug the tank with your legs but the the upper body position that the bars are actually pretty high so your legs are tucked but you’re in still in a command position which is pretty nice let’s get this thing on the highway and see how this thing performs this thing winds out

To like 12 000 rpms i mean so here i am at highway speed cruising speed uh i mean i guess it’s kind of the same as going on to an on-ramp with uh kia’s soul so roll on the gas and i mean i don’t exactly go nowhere i roll on the gas and it does pick up i feel pretty comfortable this little front pairing on this tiny bike makes this thing really manageable and

It’s super windy right now right you could probably hear that incredibly windy this is a weird mix of things man it’s like my legs are feels like i’m back on a sport bike but my upper body feels like i’m sort of on my mt-09 so i’m pretty comfortable actually it feels pretty stable at speed it’s not it’s very windy i’m doing 75 and it’s not blowing me all around

I mean i’m full throttle right now and i’m starting to pick up steam i mean really this is a great great bike for a beginner i mean i just grabbed a fistful of throttle and i didn’t my pants which is uh which is good which is good i mean even for somebody that’s not a beginner that that’s a good thing to to have a bike that’s manageable you know there isn’t much

Shifter feel i’ll say which is a little bit different than most of the bikes i’ve ridden before there is a gear finder which is good but you don’t get that a haptic click through the foot that you get on something that maybe with a bit more of a i’ll say a tougher gear box this traffic sucks switching highways i mean this two cylinder is kind of like a tractor

Motor oh oh it has a little shift light too that was six i’m gonna chuck got the flying can we hit a hundred i’m fighting for it there’s no more throttle oh my goodness 99 99 are you kidding me all right so on the highway you know it mixed mixed results mixed thought it surprisingly is pretty comfortable at highway speed like it the bike itself like the bike

Is happy at 8 000 rpm 7000 rpms just cruising at 70 80 miles an hour right so it definitely has what it takes to live on the highway and not be like a complete dog like you can get on the highway actually get up to highway speed at a surprisingly quicker speed than i or quicker time than i would have initially thought so that’s cool but so i could totally see

This being somebody’s commuter bike or something like that the only thing that does concern me a bit about this bike on the highway especially on the 405 or somewhere where there’s just wild traffic and crazy mother excuse me crazy people driving is that it doesn’t necessarily have enough power to get out of harm’s way if i had to but otherwise it did pretty well

On the highway downshift here we are in the mountains you’re really working for it holy smokes i mean if you hit the brakes plan to downshift because you’re not going to have the power to get back up to speed which is kind of funny actually i mean here we go but it really makes you focus on your lines to try to carry more speed i mean the bike feels pretty

Pretty good boys i mean i can see how a bike like this will make you a better rider this is more of a true like i wouldn’t say racers bike but i could see this being a blast at the track if you keep it in that like eight to ten thousand range and higher and can avoid hitting the brakes this thing is kind of cool has some redeeming qualities in the mountains for

Sure like it’s not that fast but once i got used to it a little bit more you could really carry quite quite a bit of speed through these mountain roads i mean holy smokes boys this thing i’m having a blast out of this thing all right so i’ve gone from anti-300 to about as pro 300 as you can get i think that this bike is a blast to ride it’s a fantastic option for

Anybody that’s either just starting out and somebody that wants to really learn how to perfect the craft of riding because it really forces you to focus on your lines on your racing lines in your lane placement and your throttle control and your brake control and your gear control everything this is a fantastic training tool and i’m not even gonna front uh i might

Buy one just to take to the track to tighten up my skills okay so part of being an adult is admitting when you’re wrong and saying you’re sorry and folks i was wrong and i’m sorry for placing judgment on these bikes and the riders i just had a ton of fun on an r3 cruising through the canyons if you’re not already leave a like subscribe turn your notifications

On and i did hit 100 miles an hour

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YAMAHA YZF-R3 | First Ride and Honest Review By Tyler Charest