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yz125 2 stroke sound check!! Yamaha Dirt Bike

I took my dads 1996 yz125 2 stroke out for a quick test drive. This bike is a blast and sounds amazing with the procircuit exhaust on it!

So for today’s video i’m really just going to be giving you guys a bike preview you know showing you guys what it looks like giving it a sound test so you guys can hear how it sounds and then just trying to rip it locally here i feel like it might actually start like second or third kick this time i’m not used to dealing with something this light used

To 450 you know and you guys know the last video that we had um of us first pulling this thing out the basement after how many years later uh i know the bike’s 25 years old so i’d say probably about 15 years and it is now in this condition so you know eventually grace says he wants to really do uh redo everything on 100 everything can you believe it’s actually 25

Years old yes i can believe it you can yes dude look at all the trick stuff it’s got those got the v-force wreaths something with athena the enzo suspension pro circuit pipe we’re ready to go gray is about to give us this pure sound of this 125 two-stroke action baby can you see if tyler can film on the one camera i just want to make sure like it’s like really

Good shots instead of like it’s not even looking all right oh it’s leaking gas over my finger already yup ah yep we get in the cops card i’m not really digging this throttle here it seems like it’s going to stick on me really oh yeah oh there’s no play in it too there’s no play in the throttle i normally have like this much play it’s like i don’t know

It’s sketchy feeling the thing rips though they keep spinning enough i don’t know yeah let me try to get a couple more wheelies in it’s hard to wheel it on this thing with the wheelies huh oh great willies i can’t do it like like my throttle is from here so like i’m like giving it gas like this now i see why my dad went up in the air like this i don’t trust

Myself or yet yeah that’s so sketchy did you even try the rear brakes do they work good oh no i didn’t touch them you know what i mean though like mine gives it gas from here this is giving a gas from here oh i don’t like that play let’s see let’s see what you got it’s definitely got a little bit of a bog to it yeah i don’t know if that’s cause the carb needs

To be cleaned i don’t know about two strokes see it’s like weird like it you know just like when you take off out bogs like that yeah it’s like it’s got a like it’s really hard to get it to wheelie right from the right from the go okay okay that is funky dude it’s really funky right it’s stiff and you have to use this like this it might be having something

To do with this honestly i don’t think so i i i mean what would make it bog so bad like that because i’ve ridden two strokes and it doesn’t bog quite like that this is how my rm was doing yeah so the motor is definitely gonna have to be looked at um and that is just like i don’t know if we can bring that forward or something but it’s it’s really weird and it’s

You can’t it’s really hard to get a good wheelie right from the get up you know like it’s hard this is definitely the hardest bike i’ve ever tried to wheelie on do you agree with that like all tense that’s what i’m saying because you’re grabbing it from that angle and so it’s like tight it’s like such a bad arm pump yeah i was like instead of grabbing it here i

Was like here that’s what i was doing too but it still felt so weird tell me this isn’t the hardest bike you’ve ever tried a wheelie on though dude once i get up get it up like here yeah it kind of goes like this yeah and then it’s like you got to get sketchy with like it’s just this is a major part of it in my opinion the throttle being like you know it should

Start from here and it’s it’s start like it should start from here and it starts from here how did that look though yeah you got it down way better than i did that’s for sure got the seat seat on it this thing is loud huh it’s loud yeah it’s pretty loud it rips once it starts going i mean i think i’d like to put a little bit quicker gearing on it but honestly

It probably just needs to have the motor bottom and top end done completely what do you think about this though looks pretty cool if you ask me yeah i’m not sure what it does but it looks dope right so like back in the day like this was like a kit apparently um it holds a lot of extra oil in it no it’s just some jet packs oh yeah just some jet packs all right

Guys so that’s going to wrap up the video for today uh if you want to see more content on this fly z125 some a lot better content like at the track make sure you drop a like and hit that subscribe button later you

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yz125 2 stroke sound check!! Yamaha Dirt Bike By Greye Tate